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    Here's a Graywolf's Lair link to Erich Berkovitz's short path distillation article: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/10-the-alchemist-resource/10-8-short-path/10-8-1-introduction-to-short-path-distillation-by-erich-berkovitz
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    LoL, add a week They were flipped to 12/12 - 2 days ago
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    4 more days 😁
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    1st is 7" tall and 2nd is 8" tall
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hey everyone I am sheepishly returning to this forum to hopefully make good on my last year's poor results on my last plant. I DID get three fully flowered females (Pineapple Haze and Second Sight genetics) that turned out very good (super-heady high with one pipe hit of ground flower), but the taste, while not unpleasant, isn't the "old School Hash" that I am looking for. We ( the wife and I) still have a good supply of flower that is in curing jars and it is our staple. I am about to try again (indoors, in a garage again but I will come up with some way to better ventilate it during the upcoming hot summer months) and I plan to grow two genetic strains, Pineapple Haze x Second Sight, and Goat Yogi, both courtesy of Patience of Cannabeizein fame. This time I plan to be a LOT more vigilant (especially during flower) and maybe try a different source of light for flower. I know that Backdoor has recommended CMH lighting but my budget ($0) won't allow it. The 5000k CFLs still work and will be used again, well in veg at least. I know that I deserve a lot of derision for my awful stewardship of my last female from last year. so go ahead, I can take it!