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    Succulents, Photos

    Add pictures here
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    Training has started
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    I wish I had you around to help me set one of these grows up. I have some proven strains here.
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    Succulents, Photos

    free omelets?
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    Succulents, Photos

    was stretching for light before went in tent think this one is Echeveria ‘Laulindsa’ up close A Baby! my other succulent i think an Echeveria nodulosa 'Painted Beauty' up close
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    Josephine County Sues State of Oregon Over Marijuana The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Medford, escalates a battle between the Josephine County Board of Commissioners and the state over regulating marijuana grows in rural residential areas. Posted: Apr. 4, 2018 12:00 PM Updated: Apr. 4, 2018 5:58 PM Posted By: Jamie Parfitt SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Officials in an Oregon county who have tried to restrict commercial marijuana growing are suing the state in federal court, asserting that while pot is legal in Oregon it remains illegal under federal law, which has supremacy..... http://www.kdrv.com/content/news/Josephine-County-Sues-State-of-Oregon-Over-Marijuana-478788133.html Below is how this mess started
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    The first Product Integrity subcommittee meeting is happening on Monday, April 16, 2018. April 16, 2018 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Portland State Office Building 800 NE Oregon Street, Room 1A (main floor) Portland, OR 97232 Google Map Agenda is here: http://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/CHRONICDISEASE/MEDICALMARIJUANAPROGRAM/Documents/commission/Oregon-Cannabis-Commission-Subcommittee-Product-Integrity-and-Regulated-Market-Agenda-041618.pdf
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    Oregon County Aims to Increase Marijuana enforcement By Associated Press on April 12th, 2018 SALEM, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon county is trying to crack down on illegal cannabis production by hiring two enforcement officers, and to limit new legal grows by considering a pause on the processing of applications to produce cannabis. The move on Wednesday by the Deschutes County Commissioners marks the latest effort by some Oregon counties to control the legal cannabis industry that they say is growing too fast. Officials in Josephine County, in a prime pot-growing area of southern Oregon, last week sued the state in federal court, asserting state laws that made pot legal are pre-empted by federal law that criminalize it. County commissioners in December tried to ban and restrict pot farming on rural residential lots, but the state Land Use Board of Appeals put the restrictions on hold. In Deschutes County, the sheriff and the district attorney have complained about difficulties in differentiating between legal and illegal cannabis crops. The Board of County Commissioners on Wednesday initiated a process to hire two staff members for the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement team, known by its acronym as CODE, to focus on cannabis enforcement, county official Nick Lelack, said in an email..... https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018/04/oregon-county-aims-to-increase-marijuana-enforcement/
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    I wanted to give Sour a chance with the chicks, but out of her turf. The boss hen is usually the hen that has the hardest time accepting new chicks to their flock except for their own. They like to have their flock orderly and new chicks brings chaos. Chicks turn in to teens that drives every hen nuts. Teens don't like to go out when the coop is opened, they want to chat for a few hours. Hens like it peaceful and quiet when laying an egg. From what I noticed over the years is the hen pecks and chases every chick out of coop and will be rougher if the teens dare to come back before dusk. Hens are already in a bad mood when its time to lay an egg and add in loud chatty teens to the mix isn't good. The chicks also upset the pecking order. All hens fight to keep their spot and try to climb it while they can. Beside more hens to watch over the top hen has to prove she is worthy of being top hen. These fights normally start out with fluffing the neck feathers then start hopping. There are a lot of what I'd assume are fighting words between them. Once close enough the pecking, pulling feathers, and kicking starts. I've broken up many fights. Sour may not like it, but she knows I'm above her and won't accept her challenging me in the slightest. I introduced Sour to one of her breed, Butterball, that she will most likely accept. Most chickens are racist. Sour did well, same with Cookies & Cream when they jumped up. Sour doesn't like Cuckoo. She made a odd noise and Cuckoo jumped back in the tub quickly. My guess is she looks too close the barred rock that both Sweet & Sour can't stand. Moose entered the room and Sour watched while giving warning sounds. She did stand tall (look big) and pecked at Moose and later Nibbler getting her tail. Nibbler lost some fur that Sour spit it out as Nibbler was slinking out of the room. While I was getting Sour use to the chicks, Feisty was outside the back door complaining greatly as loud as she could. Feisty didn't have a problem with any chick that came near her. I think I may have found the chick's babysitter when they are outside.
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    Here's the chicks 1st supervised visit with the hens. If the hen was aggressive in anyways, I quickly addressed them (grabbed them and kicked them out of the pen). Sweet surprisingly was the 1st to go and I grabbed Sour before she was out of the WTF phase. The Barred Rock was not allowed to enter. Road Runner was kicked out next, she was running from chick to chick pecking their heads. Golden Nugget and Lucky Pecker were in their nests working on their egg for the day. Golden came down and was kicked out after pecking a few chicks. She doesn't charge them, so later she be with Feisty when I increase hen numbers. I'd had a feeling Feisty would be the hen that would stay. She jumped on my lap to get her pets. My camera was out of range for this. Some of the chicks jumped up too. Feisty started talking quietly to them then Butterball jumped on her looked around and was pushed off by Budders. Budders laid down and Feisty and her talked for a bit before Cookies jumped up. Feisty was calm and seemed to enjoy this. Feisty jumped down after the chicks on her slid off. I've only seen one hen take to chicks faster then Feisty. That hen was broody (wanting to be a mom) and was offered some cute fluff balls chicks. For the age these chick are, it take the hens awhile to adjust. Feisty has some strong mother instincts in her. The only time she pecked the chicks was when they were fighting, more like hey stop that. Her pecks looked softer then the other hens that got the boot. chickens just peck to do this.Below are some cute pics. Sour had a WTF look on her face Beep-Beep enjoying a sun bath
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    Did some rearranging today, made new tubs to replace the 5g buckets I was using. The new tubs are 17g each, I cut holes in the tops so I could just move the existing lids from the 5g buckets and place on top, I drilled 2 sets of 2 holes in each of them and then secured into the new lids so they would not move. I also cut U shaped cutouts on one end of the new lids (with a pair of holes to attach pipe cleaner handles to easily open them so I can now look inside and add nutes (just pumping to fill them from an external 5g bucket). Used B/W panda plastic to cover the yellow lids to make sure to block the lights, new setup looks pretty clean, imo. Also switched to 12/12 and changed lighting from pair of Herbal Vador 2x to a pair of Dominator 2X. The new tubs made: Existing plants before they were moved to the new containers: Quick pic of how the roots have been developing: The U-shaped cutouts in use to fill the tubs: Finished new garden look:
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    Part 1 of the update...I'm still resizing pictures of the chicks day out and Feisty. The hen's new herb garden. I still need to get some more herbs to put in. I did plant garlic. The top section is used wood that was re-purposed. I put regular chicken wire below the green netting. The hens followed me around during each phase. the pictures below are some checking out the new top before the plants were planted. I had some herb plants that I started and put them out, a parsley, oregano, thyme, lavender. The hens helped level the soil, but got mad when I was watering it. They came back to nibbler on all the herbs that were planted. They like the parsley the most so far.
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    I just got in and still need to resize the pics and I have the bbq going. I'll update soon as I can
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    Cookies (front) & Cream and Cuckoo with Feisty watching for top of dog house
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    Guess they still have t-rex instincts in them. My late half wanted to get the 3 foot version. They climb and fish
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    Never mind the cat, the hen was worse. lol Feisty does enjoy getting her picture as long as she's not molting. She does seem to have some mother instincts. Budders normally runs up to her then realizes she's far away from her flock and runs back.
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    That is a great idea, I would not have thought of that, The babies are growing so fast. I appreciate the photos of Feisty. She looks pretty interested in what the babies might be eating. I saw this a few weeks ago but was unable to share it, Now I can. LOL
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    Oh No... I Sure Hope This Isn't Some Kind Of Trend They're Doing.? Gonna Read Your Link Now... Thanks Very Much/Be Back. Yeah This One Is So BS ! PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - The Oregon Court of Appeals has affirmed a Grants Pass ordinance that requires marijuana plants grown at home for personal use to be grown indoors.The City Council approved the ban on outdoor cultivation shortly after recreational marijuana became legal The council members were concerned about offensive odors. The City Council approved the ban on outdoor cultivation shortly after recreational marijuana became legal. The council members were concerned about offensive odors. Offensive Odors Like What ? Oh Man---> That's SO Wrong. And This One Below Is Just CRAZY !!! Activist Rycke Brown took the matter to court, saying the ordinance conflicts with a state law that prohibits a local government from enacting or enforcing local limits on the production or use of plant seeds. Plants Seeds ? I Don't Get This. The Appeals Court on Wednesday agreed with a lower court that marijuana plants do not apply to that law. Rycke Brown, who brought the issue to court, has created a gofundme page to pay for her legal bills in the matter. {She Even Got A GoFundMe---> Just Unbelievable !!!} "We must sue to protect our rights and request an injunction to stop enforcement of this illegal ordinance," said Brown on her page. CLICK HERE for our coverage of a Josephine County-wide marijuana ordinance that was recently reversed. I Should Know This But Is Grants Pass In Josephine County {Remember My Brain Doesn't Work Very Well} JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. -- Josephine County Commissioners are considering next steps after an ordinance that would have placed more restrictions on marijuana farmers was reversed by the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). Oh So Far Out-Still Reading The Rest Of Your Link On Josephine County. According to Commissioner Dan DeYoung the counties lawyers are taking a look at the ordinance as it currently written before deciding what they want to do next. Right now the Josephine County Board of Commissioners are considering three options: leave the ordinance as is and send letters to all rural residential land owners, adopt Jackson counties marijuana ordinance, or file a federal appeal seeking a declaratory judgement on the current ordinance. When asked about which direction they are headed, DeYoung responded by saying, "Basically, essentially, it’s business as usual until we get this straightened out. There’s a whole bunch of people out there that are not happy with that but do they want us to quit trying to get something that we can all deal with? No. They don’t want us to quit trying. They want us to keep on trying until we get the good growers on board with what the ordinance should be and go from there." Up In The Air---> Everyone Should Speak Up For This. GREAT Post !!! Again, Thanks Very Much My Friend... Sincerely Grateful... Will
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    Wooowy I REALLY Like This Article ! Related Story: Three Puffs Of Marijuana A Day Will Help Combat Chronic Pain Recent technological advances have led to a deeper understanding of ALS at a molecular level. And yet, as a 2010 review laments, “this has not translated into any greatly effective therapies.” The authors do, however, venture to sketch out what an ideal treatment regime might look like. It would be, to say the least, multi-pronged, covering “glutamate antagonists, antioxidants, a centrally acting anti-inflammatory agent, microglial cell modulators (including tumor necrosis factor alpha [TNF-alpha] inhibitors), an antiapoptotic agent, 1 or more neurotrophic growth factors, and a mitochondrial function-enhancing agent.” Don’t pretend that you know what all that means, either. Then, with charming coyness, the paper detonates its bomb: “Remarkably, cannabis appears to have activity in all of those areas.” I Usually Can Take One Hit And @ The Max 2 With This COPD. Hopefully Many More Will Be Using Cannabis. Another Great Piece Of Important Info: Related Story: Chronic Pain Patients Are Ditching Opioids In Favor Of Marijuana In practical terms, that means cannabis helps manage pain, improves breathing, sleep, and appetite, and reduces drooling. But the paper also implies that cannabis could actually protect the brain against ALS. Several studies (here and here) support this speculation, showing that various cannabinoids can slow the progression of ALS in lab mice and slightly extend their survival. While one author, Miguel Morneno-Martet of Universidad Compultense in Spain, acknowledges that the observed improvements are “weak,” the research suggests that cannabis “may serve as a novel disease-modifying therapy in ALS.” I Just Love This One Too. I Read And Understood Every Word. Again, I Thank You Very Much. Sincerely Grateful. May Peace Be With Us All... Will
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    THank You Very Much... I'll Read Your Link Now... I Know Cannabis Has Sure Helped My Grand Mals. I Quit By Myself One Of The Better Medications For Seizures---> Xanax. My Liver And Kidneys Just Couldn't Take That Chemical Anymore. As You Surely Know, There Are Titration Schedules Online, Or Your/Any Pharmacist And/Or Your Doctor. One Really Rough Ride Getting Off Of Them. Most Of My Sanity Is Back WHEWY ! I Wouldn't Wish Xanax On Anyone. Anyway... I'll Going To Read Now. Bless Your Heart For All You Do For The Community. Sincerely Grateful, Peace Be With You And Yours... Will
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    The chicks had their second outing today. This time they couldn't wait for the door to open. There was a lot of flying, running around and pecking at the ground. Some of the hens gathered to watch.Butterball flew from the carrier to my knee. They stayed out about fifteen minutes longer then last time. The scariest thing to them was a military jet flying around. The first time it went over head, the chicks scattered, I called them back. You'd be amazed after roughly 30 years of raisin chickens how I can sound like a hen. After that anytime the jet was overhead the chicks ran to be under me...will my legs My dog got some sun bathing in I put the chicks in the carrier and opened the garden are. The hen know that the chicks haven't learned to scratch the ground much, so they went straight for the areas I dug. Some of the chicks went to the back of the carrier once they relied how much bigger the hens were. Once back in their tub, the chicks got a drink and some food then they all cuddled up to each other and took a nice long nap.
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    It should be a nice day today, so the chicks may get another outing.
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    Hahaha !!! Very Funny... Boy ! Bacon Is Quite The Rip-Off Artist Or Is That Called A 'Survivor ?' Awww That's SO Cute ! Thanks Again Purple Very Much For All The Excellent Pix And Thorough Info. May Peace Be With Us All. Sincerely Grateful... BW
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    Once the chicks got out and realized all is safe and 'mommy' is there, yes they had a blast. The chicks still need to get all their feathers. It was warm and sunny when I took them out. These outing are phase one of mixing these two flocks. The chicks get to learn about the great outdoors and see the hens while the hens get to be introduced to the chicks in a safe manner. Hens normally see chicks that are not theirs as a threat and will do whatever required to take care of it (normally kill it). The chicks will have to be a lot bigger too since the hens could easily kill them at their size. I chose the raised bed of the main veggie garden, so the hens weren't so large and intimating to the chicks. Phase two is when the chicks have their feather and are bigger. They'll stay in the bottom section of the coop for the whole day, and come in at night. This will let both hens and chicks to get to know each other and start their pecking order in a safe way when I'm not around. Towards the end of this phase, I'll let them hang out in the same pen while being out there for the chicks safety. Also I look up here and there. This is something the hens will have to teach the chicks. Last year, I seem to remember two chicks pecking Sweet &Sour's toes. Phase three is started at night. The chicks will spend their first night in the coop. Introducing these two flocks at night is safer for the younger ones since they aren't at their full size yet. The hens are too tired from a busy day to deal with pecking order disputes. In the morning, the first thing they do is eat and drink. These are two bonding thing for chickens and will help the flock merge into one. I will check on them from time to time at night and during the day. My hens are used to this. For night its a head count and turn their light on. Once the chick are in I may keep the light off for a few nights.
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    The chicks had their first outing....about an hour. At first they were afraid to leave the carrier, this is normal. My most curious little chick, Cookies, slowly went out. First a step out then back in. Both feet out, look around then back in. Then walk to me then back. The hens gathered and watched for a bit. The barred rock seems to be the scariest hen to the chicks. Sour was busy in her nest working on laying an egg during this. After a while a few chicks followed her They needed some encouragement...or be bribed a little. First I dug a little They learned earth worms are great to eat, so I bribed them. Once they saw that worm most came out of the carrier Bread was either being brave or just curious about the hens There was one chick still in the carrier, Speckles, so I took her out and she sat on my hand for a bit watching the other chicks She took a poo and jumped off. When you raise chickens you get used to this While I was digging around, Bacon found some worms in front of Road Runner then ate it. Making friends right? Even my shy chicks were dealing with being picked up and petted better. Of course I was giving them food or they thought the dirt on my fingers was food Watching the dog either roll around or lie on his back was highly interesting to the chicks however when he got up he shook and that was scary. They ran to me. I decided they needed to go in for a nap. They complained for a bit mostly on the return trip to the house. After they were put back in their tub, most got a drink then got ready for nap time. They were so tired from their adventure they slept for 1 1/2 hours, that's a long nap for them
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    All have about 7 nodes now, 9"x12", 8"x18" and 11" tall x 24" wide, largest stem is almost 1" diam
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    No, most of the chicks are intimidated by Sour. I closest to being on her back was when Butterball was on my hand while being on Sours back. Sour did look at her, but didn't attack. She could of easily attacked if she wished, but I was ready to block. Butterball was the only chick that could do this.
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    Does Medical Marijuana Increase Your Heart Rate? Medical marijuana comes with some side effects. By: Mike Adams Apr 12, 2018 Although most people do not experience any real negative side effects when using medical marijuana, studies have shown the herb does cause an increased heart rate in some people. This thumping derivative of the doobie is just par for the course for most, but for others, a pounding chest is enough to convince them that they are dying....... https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/should-i-worry-about-marijuana-increasing-my-heart-rate/
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    Explaining His Cannabis Conversion, John Boehner Cites a Marijuana Myth Contrary to what many supporters of legalization seem to think, prisons are not overflowing with pot smokers busted for possession. Jacob Sullum|Apr. 12, 2018 Former House Speaker John Boehner's announcement that he has joined the board of a cannabis company provoked considerable grumbling from antiprohibitionists who noted that he could have done a lot more to advance the cause if he had backed it before leaving Congress. But the Ohio Republican and his critics agreed that his belated conversion puts him on the right side of history. They also agreed about something that is not true: Pot prohibition has filled America's prisons with marijuana users busted for possession. "When you look at the number of people in our state and federal penitentiaries who are there for possession of small amounts of cannabis, you begin to really scratch your head," Boehner said. "We have literally filled up our jails with people who are nonviolent and frankly do not belong there.".... https://reason.com/blog/2018/04/12/explaining-his-cannabis-conversion-john?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+reason%2FHitandRun+(Reason+Online+-+Hit+%26+Run+Blog)
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    International Drug Scheduling; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs; Cannabis Plant and Resin; Extracts and Tinctures of Cannabis; Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol; Stereoisomers of Tetrahydrocannabinol; Cannabidiol; Request for Comments https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FDA_FRDOC_0001-8331
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    This State Could Allow Non-Residents Access to Medical Marijuana This state could allow non-residents access to medical marijuana, which would put a lot of people at ease. March 30, 2018 Burgess Powell f the Hawaii House of Representatives passes this bill, this state could allow non-residents access to medical marijuana. After the first dispensary opened last August, the state is looking to give out-of-state resident access to cannabis throughout the islands. What Will This Bill Allow? The Hawaii Senate Committee on Ways and Means passed House Bill 2729 on Thursday. In January, Hawaii officially began allowing out of state medical marijuana patients to buy weed from medical marijuana dispensaries. However, the state requires a system to register these out-of-state cardholders in order for them to buy cannabis. Until now, lawmakers had yet to create such a program...... https://hightimes.com/news/state-allow-non-residents-access-medical-marijuana/
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    Former Speaker John Boehner joins marijuana company Stef W. Kight 4/11/18 Former House Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday that he is joining Acreage Holdings, which cultivates, processes, and dispenses legal marijuana in the U.S...... https://www.axios.com/former-speaker-john-boehner-joins-marijuana-company-665c9f75-86c5-43ed-aeef-ae54fcdb22b9.html
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    Ask Dr. Green: How Can I Use Marijuana To Deal With Chemotherapy? Have a medical marijuana question? Let our in-house doctor help you. By: Thomas Green, MD Apr 10, 2018 Dear Dr. Green: I have been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and will begin chemotherapy four weeks from now. Some of my friends who have also battled this hideous disease have suggested I try marijuana to help with the side effects of chemo. What are your thoughts? — Melanie J., Pagosa Springs, Colo. Dear Melanie: I am so sorry that you must deal with this dangerous disease. Fortunately, our chemotherapy regimens and anti-nausea medications have improved significantly over the past few decades. The severity of side effects from chemo varies greatly from person to person. Unfortunately there are, however, people who have significant side effects..... https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/ask-dr-green-how-can-i-use-marijuana-to-deal-with-chemotherapy/
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    We're looking at more stormy weather for the next week or so.
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    Two New Studies Find Cannabis Reduces Opioid Prescriptions The Associated Press April 2, 2018 Can legalizing cannabis fight the problem of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses? Two new studies in the debate suggest it may. Cannabis can relieve chronic pain in adults, so advocates for liberalizing marijuana laws have proposed it as a lower-risk alternative to opioids. But some research suggests cannabis may encourage opioid use, and so might make the epidemic worse. The new studies don’t directly assess the effect of legalizing marijuana on opioid addiction and overdose deaths. Instead, they find evidence that legalization may reduce the prescribing of opioids. Over-prescribing is considered a key factor in the opioid epidemic.... https://www.leafly.com/news/health/two-new-studies-find-cannabis-reduces-opioid-prescriptions
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    Studies Link Legal Marijuana With Fewer Opioid Prescriptions 1 By Associated Press on April 2nd, 2018 By Malcolm Ritter AP Science Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Can legalizing marijuana fight the problem of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses? Two new studies in the debate suggest it may. Pot can relieve chronic pain in adults, so advocates for liberalizing marijuana laws have proposed it as a lower-risk alternative to opioids. But some research suggests marijuana may encourage opioid use, and so might make the epidemic worse. The new studies don’t directly assess the effect of legalizing marijuana on opioid addiction and overdose deaths. Instead, they find evidence that legalization may reduce the prescribing of opioids. Over-prescribing is considered a key factor in the opioid epidemic..... https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018/04/studies-link-legal-marijuana-with-fewer-opioid-prescriptions/
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    Utah Governor Says He Will Oppose Medical Marijuana Initiative The Associated Press March 30, 2018 SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says he will work to oppose a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in the state. The Republican governor said in a statement Thursday that he believe the proposal has major flaws and lacks safeguards for the growing and distribution of marijuana that “would potentially open the door to recreational use.”..... https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/utah-governor-says-he-will-oppose-medical-marijuana-initiative
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    A dump truck has broken down by my house. They're working on it now
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    Did You Know That Marijuana Can Speed Up Your Metabolism? It's a paradox, but science shows that consuming cannabis can lower obesity risks. By: Terry Hacienda Feb 11, 2018 Fact: Cannabis has appetite-stimulating properties. There is some merit to the munchies jokes. But serious science shows that patients with wasting syndrome, HIV/AIDS and other similar ailments benefit from the herb. But can marijuana speed up your metabolism? Fact: Metabolic syndrome, essentially a set of conditions preventing the body to properly process calories, is far less likely to occur in cannabis consumers...... https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/did-you-know-that-marijuana-can-speed-up-your-metabolism/
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    Watch Tyler Perry Teach Seth Myers About Using Marijuana As Sleep Aid The prolific actor/writer/director paid the price for overconsumption. Brendan Bures Mar 27, 2018 Tyler Perry recently stopped by “Late Night with Seth Myers” to promote his upcoming movie with Taraji P. Henson called Tyler Perry’s Acrimony, where he spilled some details from the film and insights into working with the typically fierce Henson. But Perry also divulged about his short-lived experiences with marijuana and how it will inspire his next movie. As you might expect from someone as prolific as Perry, his mind is always running, so he has trouble sleeping at night. To assist with the issue, he admitted to a friend he might drink some vodka for a sleepy-time nightcap. The friend then suggested cannabis and bought Perry a pink lemonade “weed drink,” as he called it.... https://thefreshtoast.com/celebrity/tyler-perry-teaches-seth-myers-about-using-marijuana-as-sleep-aid/
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    Medical Marijuana Can Help ALS: Here’s The Scientific Proof Marijuana helps with the pain--and that's a big deal. Richard Faulk Mar 17, 2018 About 30,000 Americans are living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS (also known among baseball fans and classic-movie buffs as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”). ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes patients to lose control of their movements. First it steals the power to speak, then eat, and, finally, to breathe. Because of cannabis’s neuroprotective and anti-seizure properties, many see it as an obvious treatment for ALS. (In fact, at one estimate, 13 percent of ALS patients already use medical cannabis.) As far as medical support goes, however, this is currently more an aspiration than reality. But we’ve got people on the case..... https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/medical-marijuana-can-help-als-heres-the-scientific-proof/
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    Landlord Sues San Bernardino Over Cannabis Regulations The Associated Press March 27, 2018 LOS ANGELES (AP) — A woman who owns a business that claims to be California’s largest landlord of marijuana businesses sued the city of San Bernardino to overturn its cannabis regulation ordinance that could bar her from the industry. Stephanie Smith, the owner of a business called Bubba Likes Tortillas, said in the lawsuit filed Friday in San Bernardino County Superior Court that the city’s new law could create monopolies and also prevent her from renting property to growers and other marijuana operations. The dispute dates back to December when a fortified building Smith owns was raided, cultivation operations her clients were operating were shut down and 35,000 marijuana plants were seized. Smith was not involved with growing and she was not arrested or charged, her attorney Ben Eilenberg said.... https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/landlord-sues-san-bernardino-over-cannabis-regulations
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    Purple Power

    10 2 2017 C99 buds 3.jpg

    From the album Summer 2017 grow

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    Can You Manage The Symptoms of Menopause With Cannabis? With more states legalizing the leaf, we have to ask: can you manage the symptoms of menopause with cannabis? March 15, 2018 Burgess Powell Menopause marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms include irregular periods, mood changes, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and issues with sleeping. Most women live over a third of their life with menopause. Due to the resulting discomfort and stress and the expanding uses of medical marijuana, many are asking: can you manage the symptoms of menopause with cannabis? Traditional Treatments for Menopause Women experience menopause due to decreased fertility after their bodies stop producing certain hormones. To counter this hormone imbalance, some doctors prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy. This typically translates to taking an estrogen and progesterone supplement. Recent research has found that Hormone Replacement Therapy poses a serious health risk. A study published in 2002 revealed that HRT increases the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Later, a second study found that one’s risk of dementia, stroke, and blood clots increases with estrogen supplements..... https://hightimes.com/women/manage-symptoms-menopause-cannabis/