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    chicken math explained Really, I have 2 old hens, Sweet & Sour, (chicks don't count) and Sweet has 5 chickens and Sweet's chicken Feisty has 11. See only two hens
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    the removed male and the ones left...
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    That look on Moon's face says everything. LOL
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    @503loyaltoker We've been here since, July 11, 2011. We are really happy you're becoming comfortable here at PIF (pay it forward)
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    Just some beautiful eggs and some growing chicks Brown Leghorn Cuckoo Marans Black Copper Marans
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    Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    After Chloe is done with a class and does well, she's allowed to go down the treat isle and pick. After her 1st class This weeks class
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    Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    Here's an update on Chloe. She just had her 2nd appointment today at Animal kind Holistic veterinary. On her first appointment, Chloe was bobbing her head and limping when she walked. She favored her front right leg. She was given herbs to heal her inside and out. I started giving Chloe Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang with super essentials in her meals. I changed her diet from straight puppy chow (Call of the Wild) to 1/2 cup puppy chow, and add fruits and vegetables in along with an egg. I rubbed Western herb tincture on her elbow twice a day. I also gave her Homeopathic remedy 1 hour after her meal. I noticed Chloe started to walk normal, faster, she began to play. I was told to give her a 1 block walk. I can increase it, but if she's sore the next day, let her rest and go back to a shorter walk. When we had snow, this was Chloe's first time seeing it. Chloe totally forgot that leg was bugging her. She made a print in the snow and looked at it then to me. She then nose dived into the snow and started bouncing around like any dog that loves snow would do. She was a little sore after, but it was nice to see her play like a carefree pup. I think she's getting better. She seems happier, playful and carefree. Today, she had her second appointment at the holistic vet. She doesn't walk with head bobbing anymore. The vet said her elbow feels better. There still is a pop in it, but better then it was. She still favors it, but like before, mostly on non carpet floors. She does try to scratch that elbow. When I ask the vet, he said she probably feels tingling there. That's a good sign, it's healing. She'll need a least few more appointments, but the vet believes she can be healed completely with her young age, bone are still growing, and the combo of herbs. The Western herb tincture will continue to be rubbed on her elbow twice a day, and be given 5 drops twice a day. Chloe will be back in about a month from now. Chloe has started basic training, and is part teachers pet and class clown. She is learning quick and usually the puppy used to show the class. When Chloe is being stubborn, she likes to roll around with a big smile while asking for a belly rub. It's hard not to laugh or give that belly rub. She'll also be getting intermediate and advanced training classes.
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    I'm not sure why some stayed out. The ones by the back door a year old hens, so could be an age thing. I'm sure they were happy as they went out in the yard foraging until that white stuff started falling. Most of the hens are under the coops. I made them some oatmeal No nose dive this time, but lots of playful bounces. The kittens have relies the bird feeders are full, so frustrating window hunting. My cat Nut Nibbler is still in bed
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    Why don't those hens go back in the coop where they are out of the weather? Im glad you got your new baby before you get snowed in. Its freezing here. Chloe sure looks cute. Now she can be in the cold.
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    When I woke up, I looked outside. No snow on the ground. Later that morning, I was driving (1 hour drive one way) to pick up my new chick. A black Copper maran. She's the most expensive chick I've ever bought at $15, but there is a guarantee if she turns out to be a boy, I can either get my money back or change this one for a hen the same age. That's a great deal. Anyways, I'm starting to go back home with a loud chirping chick when it starts to snow lightly. I had my heater going with vents pointed at the chick's box. When I got home, heavy snow, but not sticking yet. I got the new chick to meet her new box buddies and take a look at some unhappy hens by the door Some hens gave sad faces, others pecked the glass. I unloaded the car and took the dogs out while the little one was were meeting each other. When I get back in, I dried off my pup. This is her 2nd time seeing snow. These pics are before we went out. Look mom, snow. I want out I notice that the snow is on some pouting hens standing in the snow This is my kittens Midnight & Moon 2nd snow too and giving the look of what is this white stuff Here's the new chick with her new box buddies A good nap It's been snowing for 3-4 hours now and piling up on the ground
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    sorry about the focus, wrong glasses and wrong camera setting, will try to take better ones tomorrow
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    Here's an article that'll explain how pecking order works. It's not as simple as most people would think https://vjppoultry.com/2018/04/29/pecking-order-and-who-rules-the-roost/?fbclid=IwAR2EXTl7ZxaO6AsJi6tX-xlnxBEzLLr1ty3JhERNTz7samIhtkQwpqKCN60
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    I noticed my chicks needed their butts cleaned since poo has covered their pooper and made a plug. This is known as Pasty Butt also known as pasted vent and pasting up is a condition that occurs in baby chicks when droppings stick to the down surrounding their vent. Poop builds up to form a blockage that can be fatal to the chicken unless removed. I put my cat and kittens in a room and shut the door, the kittens were not happy once they relied they were tricked. I got some warm water and a few paper towels. As a note you must be very gentle, no pulling or you can rip the skin. I kept the heat lamp on. I'd dip the paper towel in the warm water, grab a chick and soak the poo for a bit, let her go and repeat but grab the other chick. Repeat this until their butts are clean. It's not uncommon, when the clump of poo is removed the chick will take a big poop. They just started their dry oatmeal yesterday, and its to prevent this. Their butts were a little poopy yesterday. This is something, I always watch for. Brown Leghorn The Cuckoo marans Dry as much as possible. I slowly get them used to a blow dryer. Check temp in multiple spots in their tub. They will watch and chase the red dot. It should at 90F After putting the lid on, I released the kittens who ran over Nibbler. Nibbler was gaurding the door like Moose did whe she was a kitten. She went running after both of them, giving a talking to with growls and hisses while whacking them
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    she is thinking, "Well she has 2 chicks, I should get one"
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    Moon is now trying the loving kitty ( purring, being a sweetheart) to get what she wants lol
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    Yep, Nut Nibbler had the same look as a kitten. Now she looks at the chicks and goes, k put me down so I can get back to my nap
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    2 of the new chicks are here I got Nut Nibbler from her nap. She took a look at the chicks then she spent a few minutes whacking the kittens, mostly Moon. The chicks were chirping loudly discovering where everything is. Midnight was way more chill about looking at the chicks. Moon was trying to take Nibbler's spot and looking at the chicks looking like this Nibbler has tried and failed many times since her kitten-hood to get the chicks. She knows no point and they bite hard for something so tiny. The sleepy mighty Nut Nibbler went back to her nap. Here's the new chicks, a Cuckoo Marans (black) and Leghorn. The 3rd chick I want hasn't hatched yet, she should on the 25th. I can pick her up the next day. After these two found where their food, water, dry oatmeal with herbs, and baby grit was, they needed to see who's top chick. This is very important to chickens not matter their age. Being babies that aren't too coordinated yet (no pee-wee football), they are a lot tamer at this. They stood next to each other trying to stand as tall as possible. After a few minutes, they were both fighting a nap and both started to go down very slowly. Until they where laying down with their beaks touch the pine shavings.
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    Fishing 🎣

    In the year that my wife and I have been in Oregon, we have done a very little surf/jetty fishing and have caught a few things like surfperch and greenling, which are decent table fare, but maybe not with that stupendous flavor (like Halibut, Trout, Salmon, etc). I still cry sometimes when I think of how I reacted when it became apparent that I wouldn't be able to take the boat with us to Oregon !@#$#%!. I have done a little fishing for bass in some of the local ponds and sloughs and have caught two small bass, using artificial, saltwater "Sandworm" "gulp" baits and that's about all.
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    Instagram photos?

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    Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    After researching the odds of what a full recovery with this type of surgery, I took Chloe to a Holistic vet this month (Feb). For those who don’t know , holistic medicine is to use herbs to heal the body. One of the herbs being used is comfrey also known as knitbone or boneset, it has a diverse reputation among herbalists. It’s used as a topical treatment for pain, broken bones, torn tissue and ligaments, etc. In fact, it has an amazing reputation for treating all of these conditions. Chloe is still a growing puppy, so with using the right herbs she has a greater chance of healing her UAP naturally. I’m already starting to see improvements. Chloe had to lay down to eat, she can now stand for about 1/2 her meal. Her limp is getting better as long as she doesn’t over do it. She tries to play now. She doesn’t lift her right front leg as much. She seems happier and not in as much pain. The vet did check how her elbow was moving and its moving freely, there’s a very great chance this will work. If you’re already donated money and received an e-mail asking if the money can still be used for a different treatment, please allow it . Money is very tight after paying out of pocket (222.50) for this month’s treatment for my pup Chloe. I’m on low fixed income (514/mo) and for Chloe’s sake I spent nearly half of that on her. Please donate, and share this Chloe and I thank you
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    Certainly would not want to give it to the needy, I've read they destroyed cannabis because they could not get the price they wanted.
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    How to become a private member

    Here is the simple process. Send us a photo with your phone or scanner of your current OHA/OMMP card. Send a photo of your Oregon State issued ID/Drivers license. (You can cross out the address). Send these copies to our secure server at proofs@freemygreenpdx.com Make sure we can read the numbers on your OHA/OMMP card Read a few more introductions while we put your numbers in your profile and you can post in those forums. (Private) If you just want to read you may read without posting. You will see your ommp number under your profile avatar. Only you and the staff will see those numbers. Lastly, as soon as we get those photos in our email box we will make you private. we will then write you back and ask you to delete your copies and we will delete ours. That’s it. We can do this in a few mins if you can upload those photos to us now. Thanks for asking. Admin
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    mom was able to eliminate three inhalers and a daily pill with the use of cannabis. mom mostly ingested, but when she would begin to wheeze, nothing like a couple vape hits to relax the bronchial passages. hard to believe, but true.
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    need to get better at identifying males earlier, lol