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    2 females identified, back right and front left plants
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    Many years ago I started growing in a grow tent that measured 4 foot 6" x 4' 6" x 7', this of course gives you a limited amount of space to grow in so I started looking closely in their space not being used by growing my plants oversized I can bend out to the walls and up Them with no problem and then coming back in across the ceiling thereby using more space getting plants larger and maximizing yield. I wish I could give you a picture of this however one is not available right now. I will post the results. Oh and if anyone thinks they know something about what it is I'm doing and have some tips would love to hear them. It is also important that I put the plants in a row down the center so I can bend out to the sides as opposed to using the triangular pot method. I gained space and I'm going to utilize it.
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    Today is a grand day as I will have my three big ticket items paid off, that would be the canoe a 5 hp outboard and also a 4 hp as a backup motor. Whenever I'm planning a trip that requires outfitting I make it a rule of thumb to get the big ticket items out of the way first that way as you go it gets easier and easier. Now that that's out of the way I can concentrate on the less expensive things that are needed to go on a trip. Things like dry bags water containers and all the items the law requires which I am looking into. If I am able to keep going at this pace I will be in the water by late spring and have all summer to play with my canoe and hang glider good times are on the way., If anybody is interested in going on a canoe trip in the Columbia River going island hopping please by all means let me know and I will set it up.
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    Purple Power

    RIP Sweet N Sour 2/2018 -2/2021

    I was going to order 7 chicks this year, but now I'll need 8. I'll get another buff orpington and name her Sweet N Sour II. I really hope this isn't setting the tone for this year. 2020 was rough enough on my flock. The soonest I'll get them is next month if I order now. a friend may be ordering chicks too, and wanted me to wait for a bit while she gets her other 1/2 on board with this idea. It'll be cheaper for both of us to order together and split the 50$ S&H charge. I cleaned the coop and reset everything. Feisty is in molt, but looking for her missing daughter. My son still thinks it's weird I cry over losing a hen. A cat or dog he understands, but a chicken he views as food only. kinda right. my hens lay eggs for food for us or sale them. I'm not raising meat bird like when he was little. He still wants little mischievous Cookies on a plate. Cookies showing off stunt of getting out attention, doing a back flip over a 5 foot fence then gloating as she took a big bite of spinach still is under his skin. It is one of his favorite veggies. my thoughts were wow that was amazing, that little s***, and plant that in the front yard next year
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    RIP Sweet N Sour 2/2018 -2/2021

    I'm sorry to hear of this. She was one of my favorites. I'll miss hearing stories about her. Take some time to praise yourself. You've cared for those hens better than some people treat their dogs. Fly high little falcon. RIP
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    Things are going fairly well now, plants are liking adjustments i've made thus far. They are loving the soil mixes which are: Seedlings- 6 parts coco/perilite/pumice mix- 3 parts fox farm Strawberry Fields - 1part Ocean Forrest Veg- 4 parts Ocean Forrest- 2parts coco p/p mix- 4 parts Strawberry Fields + azomite, alfalfa, agricultural lime Bloom- 6 parts Ocean Forrest- 2 parts coco p/p mix- 2 parts Strawberry Fields + Bone meals, alfalfa, agricultural lime, azomite, probiotics. Here's some shots of the ladies in bloom. Still dialing in camera but getting better. Here is a look at the 3 headed Tahoe Cream getting started.
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    Purple Power

    RIP Sweet N Sour 2/2018 -2/2021

    Sweet N Sour, a 3 year old Buff Orpington started laying again a couple weeks ago. She's toward the bottom of the pecking order, so seeing her hanging out by herself didn't set off any alarm bells. She just finished her molt, but not tending to her growing feathers like normal. She did bow and squawk when I was checking her saddle/tail feather area. Because some of my hens are in molt, I offer more protein to them. Since some are laying, I also leave out oyster shell for them. They are free to choose however Sweet N Sour isn't. She's staying away from the flock which in self was unusual. My hens tend to get more aggressive with another when they start laying eggs again I notice last week, a hen had watery clear and greenish diarrhea and smelled really bad. Clear in spots and green colored in other areas. I ID'ed the hen and watched her. Sweet N Sour would eat but not much. Her crop was fairly empty. I set up chicken jail in the house, so I can keep a close eye on her. Her feather where caked around her vent and the normal fluffy butt feathers. I gave her a nice warm bath with epsom salt. Sweet N Sour got so relaxed in the sink, she laid down in the sink and was fighting a nap. She enjoyed the hair dryer. Her skin was red. Feels full but not hard. She wasn't cleaning her feathers. She's normally running around the yard pecking and scratching. She's a calm lady that usually doesn't run and doesn't mind being picked up. She'll lay on my lap from time to time. Sweet N Sour just stands or lays in one spot. She keep her tail feather bowed down. her tail feathers are moving up/down, trying to push. when she walks around, she waddles like a penguin. I finally found a vet today that treats chickens, more then just feet like my old vet. Sweet N Sour had an egg break inside and caused a massive infection. Her belly was full of fluid. The vet gave her a 25 -30% chance of surviving with treatment, so I put her down. I didn't want her to suffer anymore. RIP my sweet little girl. I'll be burying her out in my dad's farm.