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  5. Here's a Graywolf's Lair link to Erich Berkovitz's short path distillation article: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/10-the-alchemist-resource/10-8-short-path/10-8-1-introduction-to-short-path-distillation-by-erich-berkovitz
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    LoL, add a week They were flipped to 12/12 - 2 days ago

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    How is the grow going this year? Did the heat kill anything? What kind of bulbs did you end up buying?

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  10. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    4 more days 😁
  11. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    1st is 7" tall and 2nd is 8" tall
  12. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    4" tall and light is 18" from tub
  13. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hey everyone I am sheepishly returning to this forum to hopefully make good on my last year's poor results on my last plant. I DID get three fully flowered females (Pineapple Haze and Second Sight genetics) that turned out very good (super-heady high with one pipe hit of ground flower), but the taste, while not unpleasant, isn't the "old School Hash" that I am looking for. We ( the wife and I) still have a good supply of flower that is in curing jars and it is our staple. I am about to try again (indoors, in a garage again but I will come up with some way to better ventilate it during the upcoming hot summer months) and I plan to grow two genetic strains, Pineapple Haze x Second Sight, and Goat Yogi, both courtesy of Patience of Cannabeizein fame. This time I plan to be a LOT more vigilant (especially during flower) and maybe try a different source of light for flower. I know that Backdoor has recommended CMH lighting but my budget ($0) won't allow it. The 5000k CFLs still work and will be used again, well in veg at least. I know that I deserve a lot of derision for my awful stewardship of my last female from last year. so go ahead, I can take it!
  14. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    New run started, back to WhiteNightmare again, F seeds I created during previous run.
  15. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    Trichs were great, overall yield was under what I expected.
  16. Hi, I'm eddie, The day administrator. Let me help you get started, Are you a patient looking for a grower, or are you by chance a grower looking for a patient?




    Someone is normally in the chatroom, Join us tonight around 7 PM


  17. Happy  Birthday. 

  18. maplespicee

    Enya - Anywhere Is

    One of my favorite songs of all time!
  19. Graywolf

    Shortglide, REST IN PEACE.

  20. Be sure to let us know how we can help.


    Welcome. :)


    1. maplespicee


      Hello! Thank you for reaching out : D

      I recently posted a thread in the Introductions
      ! As a medical patient, I'm mostly looking to connect with other patients and find growers - I'm somewhat new to the medical marijuana program; my apologizes if I come across as shy

  21. Our friend and yours, Robin Warner has passed on to heaven, She was an administrator and dear friend to hundreds, she'll be missed by Cheri and me,
  22. 29 years ago today, you were born, 29 days from today your daughter will be born. :D 



  23. Graywolf

    RIP Feisty


    RIP Feisty

    This is so sad, she was one of my favorite hens I sure am sad about her passing. she looked so much like an eagle to me. Now she flies with them. May she rest in peace. I love all the care you have taken to give Feisty a resting place. ♥
  25. Purple Power

    RIP Feisty

    @EDDIEKIRK This is a tough one to write. RIP Feisty Feb. 2017 - May 14, 2021 I just lost my hen Feisty this morning. She was a silver laced wyandotte that hatched in Feb. 2017. I'm clueless of how this has happened. Yesterday, Feisty was acting and looked normal. She was one of the first hens out in the morning demanding to get her mealworms. She was her normal talkative self. She was eating and drinking like normal. Her comb was bright red. She laid her egg and sang her egg song. She had her afternoon sun/dust bath. My teen chicks are in the old coop now (last night was their first night) and Feisty like normal visited them chatting away. Feisty was my mother hen when she saw babies. During the nightly head count, Feisty was in her normal spot telling everyone to get in the coop like normal. She talks throughout the night and was normal. Then this morning, Feisty was stand offish with the other hens. She's normally one of the first hens rushing out of the coop area. She didn't do her normal reaction when a hen pecked her instead just stood there. Her comb was very pale, but I couldn't find any bleeding. Feisty refused to eat or drink. Feisty wasn't known for being quiet and she was very quiet. She wasn't moving fast. I picked her up and took her in the house and called the vet asap. I was about to call the vet again after waiting a hour for them to call me back when Feisty had a massive seizure. I got her out of the cage and wrapped a towel over her while telling her it'll be ok. Feisty look at me right in my eyes then closed her eyes. I was calling the vet while my son checked for a heartbeat and if Feisty was breathing, she had a heartbeat and breathing but weak. What kind of vet office puts you on hold 3 times when you tell them your hen just had a seizure and is now unresponsive? They are the only vet I could find that sees chickens. When I got to talk to the front desk person again I said I'm bring her in now. When I get there she again puts me on hold. then says the vet will call you. The vet calls shortly after but unaware of what I've told the front desk person. Once I told her my hen had a seizure and is now unresponsive she asked what spot am I'm in, and I'll be right there. The vet ran to my car and tried to find a pulse, but it was too late. An autopsy would start at $300, I can't afford that. Feisty's 1st picture Pic below. Feisty on far right. the 1st field trip outside Feisty's 1st egg Feisty is being mourned by the entire flock. I watched them go to Feisty's grave and bow their heads. Feisty was mother to most of my flock, seen as a daughter by Sweet (mostly) & Sour, and sister by the rest and is already greatly missed. Her youngest babies (pic above) don't understand why Feisty isn't over talking to them like she has daily. My hens knew something bad happened this morning when my son went to dig Feisty's grave. They went from normal talking, eating, drinking to dead silent. Normally, they're allowed in the area and feast on the worms/bug and a large area is being hand tilled. Not this time. The area was closed down, a small hole, chicken sized was dug, and flowers including seeds were planted on top then fenced off. When they saw me carrying Feisty to this area, they all stopped talking and either watched or got closer. All were quiet and most bowed their heads. Some got closer then bowed their heads in silence. I did take some pics of a few hens. Sour didn't want anyone, hen nor human, around when she bowed her head to my old guardian dog's spot of death and then slowly walked to Feisty's grave. Sour bowed her head and stayed there for at least 5 minutes without moving. Cookies isn't just a thorn my side with her mischievous way. Cookies annoyed Feisty to no end and always after her trying to keep her safe. Despite this Cookies has been by her adopted mother's grave most of the day.
  26. Welcome. 

    Take a look around and let us know how were doing. :) 


    Ask any questions. 



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