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Rainbow perpetual grow
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Rainbow perpetual grow

Things are coming along nicely and the girls are really starting to show their colors. Nice shades of red, blue, and purple are popping everywhere. I did a heavy flush last Sunday then let dry till Friday night when I gave a ACT of EWC, alfalfa meal, whole wheat barley flower, molasses, and yucca brewed for 27hrs. I will continue to flush with plain pH'd water for the rest of the way adding only yucca and Humic acids for a week before water only till harvest. I also have started defoliating the big fan leaves exposing the bud sites for as much light penetration as possible. That also forces the girls to focus only on bud production, allows better air circulation, and makes trimming at harvest a lot easier. The smell is very strong as my whole house now smells strongly of a spicy juicy fruit gum. Standing directly in front of the girls they smell very fruity. Sugar is coating everything and making it very hard not to chop off one of the buds and smoke it. About half of the hairs have changed and the trichs are starting to get cloudy. I like to have around 30-40% are Amber before I harvest. I am also going to reintroduce the led to help with more sugar development. These really are some of the prettiest girls I have seen and I wish I could place a scratch and sniff button on here because it truly is one of the fruitier buds I have ever smelled. I wish they were bigger buds but I really believe last weeks heat wave and me never getting my dry ice up affected the size.


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