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A Place to talk about all non MMJ related subjects

Upcoming events, important announcements, and any changes being made to the board may be posted here. Please Stay Tuned!

PIF Contests

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Find And Share Current Contests.

This is for the general membership. please contact an administrator to have a contest added.

We have two Contest forums, Only Staff and Private Senior Members will be allowed to post in this Forum. So please ask one of them to help you start a new topic here.

The Great Outdoors

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Oh great and beautiful world, how I adore thee.


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The sounds to soothe even the savage beast. Share your favorites, or listen to other's, open to everyone!


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Anything and everything to do with our pets.

The latest Raves

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This is a place to thank members for something they may have done for you or the community.


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Activities outside of gardening that make us smile, feel free to share your passion here


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Place some funny things here for us

For poetic and written expressions

Photos - Public

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The contents of this forum are viewable by all registered members, and the public at large.

Photos - Private

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This contents of this forum are viewable only by confirmed carded (Private) members

A place to share & discuss great non medicated recipes with the community. Let us share our ideas.

Cannabis Recipes

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Open to all registered members