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In The Garden


Basic growing procedures. In this forum you will find answers to basic questions about growing quality Medication.
This will be for beginners. Please find more help for advanced growers in our Growing medicine inside forum.


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Different techniques on "cloning" - also known as vegetative reproduction - to take one plant, and make multiple copies of it. With these techniques, you can keep growing your favorite strain almost indefinitely!

Plant Hospital

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Emergency problem diagnosis only ie.Mites,Molds,Spots, Deficiencies, Get quick answers today!

Gardening Indoors

1,854 posts

Focuses on the issues, problems, and peculiarities of creating and maintaining the perfect indoor world.

Gardening Outdoors

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AAAAHHHHhhh!!! the great outdoors! Sun and Rain, greenhouse or uncovered, see what Mother Nature has to offer.


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Keep your hands clean! We talk about everything NOT soil - Coco, DWC, ebb and flood, NFT.

Harvest & Curing

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You have been growing these beauties for months, now your hard work will be rewarded! Techniques for the entire harvest process, from finishing and flushing, to cutting, trimming, drying, and curing.


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Make no mention of chemicals in here.

Private Grow Journals

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Chronicle your grow here. Details please!

This is a Private Forum for your photos

Public Grow Journals

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Grow Journals that are shared with the public viewing audience.

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