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  2. @503loyaltoker We've been here since, July 11, 2011. We are really happy you're becoming comfortable here at PIF (pay it forward)

    1. 503loyaltoker


      8 years and still running?  Nice nice !!! :)



      Were in chat right now, 

  3. popeye!

    Fishing 🎣

    Id actually love to see some of the fish around Ohio I bet you got a few different species then we do in oregon
  4. Last week
  5. bigpapa

    Fishing 🎣

    Needless to say I haven't been able to locate any Dupont lures so I reckon dynamite is out of the question here in Ohio. Time to break the fly rods and float tube out and hit the stone quarry. I'll shut up now
  6. popeye!

    Fishing 🎣

    No problem you can actually look up some videos of bass fishing tournaments that they have had at ten mile lake some nice size bass come out of there and I grew up right by it! Sounds like you had a more successful day then me today but I did get to enjoy a beautiful sunset!
  7. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    Hey so I went fishing again at Canby pond and I got five keeper trout. It took awhile but all were taken under a cork about two feet below the cork using a Powerbait winged-grub looking thing. It is a nice place to take the family. The Molalla river is just next to this pond and I was wondering if anyone has had any success fishing the river there. Oh and thanks for the tip of "tenmile" lake. Fishing for Bass during the spawn is fun!
  8. popeye!

    Fishing 🎣

    About your question about bass right now the bass activity is very minimal but ones the whether warms up the bass with usually have a spring spawn tenmile lake is one of the best lakes in Oregon for bass fishing... I'm headed out to freeway lakes in albany for a little evening fishing hopefully we can get hooked up with something today!
  9. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    Hey so yesterday I went to Canby pond and caught one "keeper" trout and I am headed back there again today, although I bet it will be crowded. If that doesn't pan out I plan to try fishing the Molalla river itself, which is just a few hundred yards away from the pond. If nothing pans out there then I was going to try the St Louis ponds (just south of Woodburn). According to the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Dept, both of these ponds were stocked with trout just this last week...... I did not know how good trout are to eat.....yummo!!!
  10. It has been 10 days since I submitted the OMMP application,  I have been check my mail every day after work (chuckles) I hope it arrives today  so I can get what I need ! 


    How long does it get for the card to arrive for u guys? 



      2 weeks is about normal. You should be getting close. 

    2. 503loyaltoker


      Just received the receipt letter ! Went off to dispensary right away ! 

  11. bigpapa

    A few pics to share

    Howdy y'all, just checking in... I'm still upright but struggling. I have a few pics to share. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I like taking them.
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  13. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    Can anyone tell me if there is an upoming "Bass-spawn" season/period where Black Bass move in to VERY shallow water to lay their eggs/spawn? I just returned from a few days near Lake Conroe, Texas, where I caught a nice (and legal) 18" Black Bass (female) exactly in spawning terrain. Also it is warming up for the Crappie "season" as well. Are there any such similar "runs" on any species really, but mostly on the "warm-water" species like Black Bass, Crappie, Striped Bass. or perch/sunperch)? Thanks and tight lines......
  14. chicken math explained


    chicken math 1c.jpg



    chicken math 1a.jpg


    chicken math 1b.jpg


    chicken math 1e.jpg


    Really, I have 2 old hens, Sweet & Sour, (chicks don't count) and Sweet has 5 chickens and Sweet's chicken Feisty has 11. See only two hens

  15. Purple Power

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    And she raised most of the hens in that pic

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    I see Feisty.
  17. Purple Power

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    Just 2 kittens trying to enjoy a sunbath meanwhile the hens are starting to gather at the door

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat


    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    Good choice Chloe.
  20. Purple Power

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    Just some beautiful eggs and some growing chicks Brown Leghorn Cuckoo Marans Black Copper Marans
  21. Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    After Chloe is done with a class and does well, she's allowed to go down the treat isle and pick. After her 1st class This weeks class

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    What great news. Really glad she's getting along. Thanks for updating us.
  23. Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    Here's an update on Chloe. She just had her 2nd appointment today at Animal kind Holistic veterinary. On her first appointment, Chloe was bobbing her head and limping when she walked. She favored her front right leg. She was given herbs to heal her inside and out. I started giving Chloe Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang with super essentials in her meals. I changed her diet from straight puppy chow (Call of the Wild) to 1/2 cup puppy chow, and add fruits and vegetables in along with an egg. I rubbed Western herb tincture on her elbow twice a day. I also gave her Homeopathic remedy 1 hour after her meal. I noticed Chloe started to walk normal, faster, she began to play. I was told to give her a 1 block walk. I can increase it, but if she's sore the next day, let her rest and go back to a shorter walk. When we had snow, this was Chloe's first time seeing it. Chloe totally forgot that leg was bugging her. She made a print in the snow and looked at it then to me. She then nose dived into the snow and started bouncing around like any dog that loves snow would do. She was a little sore after, but it was nice to see her play like a carefree pup. I think she's getting better. She seems happier, playful and carefree. Today, she had her second appointment at the holistic vet. She doesn't walk with head bobbing anymore. The vet said her elbow feels better. There still is a pop in it, but better then it was. She still favors it, but like before, mostly on non carpet floors. She does try to scratch that elbow. When I ask the vet, he said she probably feels tingling there. That's a good sign, it's healing. She'll need a least few more appointments, but the vet believes she can be healed completely with her young age, bone are still growing, and the combo of herbs. The Western herb tincture will continue to be rubbed on her elbow twice a day, and be given 5 drops twice a day. Chloe will be back in about a month from now. Chloe has started basic training, and is part teachers pet and class clown. She is learning quick and usually the puppy used to show the class. When Chloe is being stubborn, she likes to roll around with a big smile while asking for a belly rub. It's hard not to laugh or give that belly rub. She'll also be getting intermediate and advanced training classes.


    I bet that would make some good balm
  25. Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    2 days left
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      Hey guys how's it going I decided to start a new thread because this year I'm changing things up! Last year I planted in pots and my root space was restricted so this year I'm digging out my garden space which is 6x6 and I'm gonna be digging it 1 foot deep. Today I got some progress made so here's a look at today's progress! Getting started!
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    • My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser
      One of your Staff members needs our help,
      Help me not only to save this young puppy's life but free her from the agonizing pain of arthritis. The sooner she gets the surgery the better her outcome when it comes to arthritis. It'll take an adult dog 2-3 months to heal from this type of surgery, but since Chloe is still a growing puppy it may take less time, 6-8 weeks.

      If you would like to donate to help Chloe get her much needed surgery, please click on the link below or a picture.
      On Nov 9, 2018, I adopted a 6-month-old puppy named Chloe from the pound AKA Jackson Co. Animal Services.  She had a limp on her front right leg, and I was told it's just growing pains. When I got Chloe to my vet as soon as I could a month later, I had them check out her leg since it was getting worse. The pound was wrong. Chloe isn't dealing with growing pains, but Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP fracture). This is one of four types of elbow dysplasia. She needs surgery that costs $3,400 to $3,600.
      The pound wasted last month with first offering me to bring Chloe back and pick another puppy/dog. This is a death sentence to Chloe and I found it very insulting. I took it as there's a problem with your kid, bring the kid back and we'll put her down, and you can pick a new kid for free. Then they said they'll have the vet clinic they contract with to do the surgery. This took 3 long weeks to find out once everyone was on board, the pound's vet wouldn't do the surgery once he finally saw the x-ray and said it must be done at the specialist. At first, the pound refused to pay anything towards the 3400 to 3600 for the specialist, but I was able to get them to commit a measly $500 towards the specialist.
      Under my vet's recommendations, Chloe is restricted from all exercise. She's in a crate (48" long) at all times unless on a leash to go out to do her business. She's also on 100mg Carprovet (pain pill, $1.50 per pill). She and I hate this. This is no life for a growing puppy to be locked up 24/7. The sooner the funds can be raised, the sooner she can get the surgery she needs.

      If you would like to donate to help Chloe get her much needed surgery, please click on the link below
      I'm going through a charity call Free Animal Doctor. All money raised goes straight to the specialty center who will do the surgery. With a goal of $3,000 in 38 days, about $80 a day must be raised to reach this goal.



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