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  2. Happy Birthday!

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  4. Happy Birthday. YUP! Another year. :) 

  5. Happy Birthday, I hope you're enjoying this nice weather we're having today. Peace my brother. 

    • EDDIEKIRKToday 12:12 PM  
      @Elizabeth Gautier Many did and some still do. We can help you make a request for a grower.
      Elizabeth GautierToday 11:53 AM  
      Do you know of any medical growers that provide a harvest to patient without cost
  6. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I hope this day brings you much joy. 

  7. Happy Birthday! 

  8. Tentoes1962

    Are CBD Dog Treats The New Wave Of Cannabis?

    So hey thank you very much for this information!! So sorry it has taken me so long to realize that you responded!! We will give these a try...... Thank you again, purple power!!
  9. It's been over a year since I wrote to all of you or sent you a newList. In answer to your emails asking, “What happened to the January2019 “Granny Storm Crow’s List"? To put it at its simplest, this hasbeen a very rough year for me.Last fall, my disabled husband’s health took a huge turn for theworse. His heart was failing. Much of my fall and winter was spenttaking him to and from doctors, the ER, or worse, to the hospital. Hislast hospital stay was a two week long nightmare. His care was lessthan what he would have gotten at home. I finally got him out of thereand back home.Toward the end of January, one day after our 51st wedding anniversary,he passed away at home, while holding my hand. My brain felt“paralyzed” and I just could not do anything. My closest friends andfamily all told me to just take care of myself- the world wouldsurvive without a January List. I took their good advice.Eventually, the numbing brain-fog began to wear off a little, butreading and sorting medical studies was still out of the question. Soinstead, I dove into the dull, mindless work of checking the links,one by one. It needed doing, and it gave me time to heal.To most folks, the List as appears as this huge, unchanging monolithof information, but it is constantly changing. Abstracts become fullstudies (and vice versa) changing their URL’s, then there was thatswitch from http to https that made many links invalid, older linksgot deleted or archived, and I even had a whole site just vanish, so Ihad to find duplicates at other sites.By the time I had finished checking all the links, I had a hugebacklog of new studies to deal with. I am still not quite caught up,but I am a full month past my usual deadline for the summer List, soready or not, here it is! I hope you will forward it to your friends.Even just sending the link for the first section of news articles is agood way to help educate those new to Cannabis.As usual, I have divided up the List into sections. Once you open thelinks, on the left-hand side there should be a tool bar with a littleribbon-shaped icon, "bookmarks", click it for get the navigationindex. My “beautiful monster” has grown to over 6,000 pages of linkson just about everything related to Cannabis, so that index is verynecessary. It's quite a change from the original 60 pages I shared onmy 60th birthday!The first section is made up of mostly news articles. It’s a goodplace to start your Cannabis education. Most of us "old timers" had tolearn about Cannabis bit by bit from scattered sources. I’ve made it alot easier for you by adding a small “Beginner’s” section that givesyou basic information on what can be a confusing and overwhelmingexperience.The news articles give you a short, understandable summary of themedical studies and their findings. Interestingly, I’ve found thatnews articles often contain details that the “official” abstract maynot cover, so they are worth reading. This section will also introduceyou to interesting sites you may have missed. At the very bottom ofthis section is a mini-dictionary that gives plain English definitionsfor some of the scientific terms you may run into.https://www.dropbox.com/s/zo2llys3ymk88c9/GSCL_2019_NEWS.pdf?dl=1Section 2 has the new studies from 2015 to mid-August 2019. It’s thebiggest section simply because new studies are coming out at anamazing rate. For students, medical professionals and patients, thiscan be the most useful section. Besides hundreds of recent medicalstudies, this section also contains a large “Cultivation” section witharticles on Cannabis growing dating back as far as 1789, hundreds ofrecipes are in “Methods of Use”, and the “History” of Cannabis, bothancient and modern, is explored.https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqr7n6twb48bm36/GSCL_2019_NEWSTUDIES.pdf?dl=1Section 3 is dedicated to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – theendocannabinoids, their receptors and related enzymes. First are thenewest studies and below them are two sections with the older studies.The information on “Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency” and “Omega-3”is quite thought-provoking. In my opinion, the study of the ECS, andits genetics, is the future of medicine … but I may be a bit biased.https://www.dropbox.com/s/cl5nfihz15grdet/GSCL_2019_ECS%20%2B%20ECS%20Genetics.pdf?dl=1Section 4 begins with the “Phytocannabinoids”, THC, CBD and all theirfriends and relatives. Because of our illogical ban on actual Cannabisresearch, this section is far too thin. I expect this to change soon.Canada, Israel, Mexico and other “medically legal” countries will bedoing more Cannabis research, while the US is falling behind.Then we jump to the synthetic cannabinoids, the “Spice/K-2” drugs. Inthe lab, these are used to study the functions of a single type ofreceptor. The illegal “Spice” street drugs are usually made incountries where quality control is “optional”. And unlike naturalCannabis, these synthetic drugs have killed. Avoid them like theplague they are!https://www.dropbox.com/s/adrvpmj4eey02zk/GSCL_2019_PHYTOS%2BSYNTHs.pdf?dl=1The last section contains the “older” studies from 2014 on back. Don’tignore these just because they are a bit older. There is a lot of goodinfo in them! The "ancient" Pre-2000 studies can answer some of those basicquestions like, “Does Cannabis go bad?” or “How long should you holdyour hit?”, and you’ll even find a few “Reefer Madness” articlesthrown in there for your amusement, or horror.https://www.dropbox.com/s/3eg28t1dkdjrgtb/GSCL_2019_OLDER%20STUDIES.pdf?dl=1On a final note, I find that I am still not quite back, eitherintellectually or emotionally, to where I should be, but I am healing.Keeping busy is the best medicine for me and my List keeps spreadingthe truth about Cannabis and how it can heal. And as my lategrandfather once said, “If the truth won’t do, then something iswrong!”My love to you all,Granny
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  11. Thank you for another year of support. Happiest of Birthday Wishes. 

    1. KarrMcDebt


      Thanks much!!

  12. sounds like powdery mildew. More ventilation can help solve this, If it is powdery mildew then greencure can help rid you of it. be sure and have a good size fan going or thin your plant of a few FAN leaves  

    Baking soda itself isn't normally effective as a powdery mildew treatment, but when it's combined with liquid soap and water, it can be a powerful weapon. ... Combine one tablespoon baking soda and one-half teaspoon of liquid, non-detergent soap with one gallon of water, and spray the mixture liberally on the plants.


    Just hit the reply button and then click the "Insert other media" and upload your photo

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      cannabis plants will shed their skin at the main base as they grow.it turns white and drys out and sheds.Its natural. 

      come back in chat, 

    3. plenneper


      Sorry pictures are not clear enough we have high wind right now




      Another member just showed his plants and they have basically the same color. come in chat if you can. 

  13. Add your photo here 


  14. Hey I joined to give my Vapir vaporizer to a medical patient for free. Its a a really nice medical grade vapir that I don’t use anymore and I’d love to give it to someone in need. Hit me up at my two mail or reply here Pv retail at gmail.com put vape in the subject  have to find a home by Friday if you want it. 
  15. happy birthday

  16. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    Thanks it was good to talk to you as well!

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    Thanks for jumping in the chatroom with me and catching me up. Congrats.
  18. Happy Birthday!

  19. I don't think doctors want to make a diagnosis anymore.
  20. Happy Birthday. 

  21. The pieces are well done, respect to the artist. And congrats Darla|! bp
  22. Happy Birthday.

  23. Happy Birthday.

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    • My way of rooting clones fast.
      My videos cannot load here, but you can check out some of our work on ig. When cloning/rooting, it's not rocket science. There's no 'one way is the best way'. The fact is, the majority of growers struggle to root their clones in a timely fashion and sometimes destroy them. Experience plays a huge factor but once you understand how to root your clones in your environment it should be like clockwork. I've seen people do it all, score the stem, shave the bottom, alcohol/bleech/burn/prx their blade, cut it 90 an  from above or below a certain node, take it from healthy mothers.. the list goes on.. It's not that serious. I say this because I know my plants. I've made countless mistakes and done side by sides to see which methods work best under my conditions. Genetics. Personally, it doesnt matter where you clone from. There are certain stains that root fast, and some don't. I personally keep strains that root fast, finish fast, good structure and hardy.  I stay away from clonex or any synthetics during this stage. (I go hard on syths during flower)  It actually takes longer for roots to form when I'm using it (DYOR) The difference is night and day. I simply use tap water. No RO, and I don't check my PH or PPM's. Been there done that over a decade ago. I just finished a handfull of trays and cloner a few days ago. Picture and below from the cloner. 100% success rate everytime. No dome, I don't score my stems, there's a lot of things I don't need to do because I know my plants. I know some of my plants take literally 12 to 14 days to root. You should definitely be near your babies as much as possible, so you can diagnose the problem at hand. One thing I do religiously is cut the fan leaves. You don't need too, the hippies will give you some science BS on it, but I simply do so I can fit more clones next to each other. I also don't like using humidity domes. Algae, diseases, mold, mildew and susceptible to the plants.

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    • Indoor equipment for sale CHEAP!
      My hubs and i have a bunch of indoor light setups that we are selling to a good home. 
      In Total- 8 lighting "kits" including reflectors (unassembled  but screws/nuts included in baggies), light fixtures, ballasts, cords, and associated bulbs. A florescent light, a dehumidifier, and random necessary  grow room items.
      --- 8bulb 4 ft T5 teklight with bulbs- used to veg our girls. Works perfectly. 
      --- 2- 1k watt digital ballast with 4ft petal reflector.  All cords, and fixtures included. (Each set has everything needed to hook up and hang) Slightly used 1k watt HPS bulb included.
      --- 2- old school 400w hps ballast / fixture setup with cords and used bulbs. 3ft petal reflectors attach to fixture.
      --- 1k watt hps harvest pro ballast with cords (goes with below)
      --- 6" 1k watt reflector with connections but missing glass.
      ---110w to 220w electrical conversion box. Wired up and ready to connect to the mainline 
      --- Exhaust tubing, exhaust connectors, timers, and a few more light fixtures and bulbs. All bulbs have EVER been touched with bare skin.
      --- LG dehumidifier that works like a boss and isnt an electricity hog.
      We stopped growing about 5 years ago cuz we moved into an apartment and just threw the equipment in storage. We grew for my dad and a few other friends, and this equipment grew our garden lush for many years. Its sad to see it here in the living room but we really just need it gone. I promise you that you just have to plug it in and stick the girls underneath. Please make me an offer...its priced to sell. Email me: chantellelace83@gmail.com for pics. Thank you
      Edit: We live in SE Portland, 122nd close to Foster. We are looking for cash or paypal. No trades please. We are willing to deliver, within reason. Feel free to ask. Also...we have just started a handyman business and will be using this money to put towards the licensing costs. Thank you all. 
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      Incredible Power
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