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  6. DreadPirateManny

    soaps and skincare products

    Hey Everyone, our skin is our body's largest organ, and one of the ways we can live Healthy is by being conscious of the things that we put in and on our bodies. I've applied my experience as a patient/caregiver to produce a line of Hemp-infused soaps and skincare products. Please feel free to use the code "PIF420" at checkout, for a 20% discount on our products. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches, and tested at an accredited facility. www.budandlather.com
  7. Good luck man in getting access to your old records. About month and half of my life doesn't exist according to the Army (TDY with the spook brigade).

    1. bigpapa


      The VFW attorney along with finding a couple other Marines i served with (who sent me proof even from an old stars and stripes article) that helped. The judge said i had enough proof for him to order the NIS & CID records to be opened. It was a God send i found them on a Marine Corps Facebook page. I posted my story on Facebook for a good 7 years or more on different Facebook pages and finally...

      There are ways to get what you need

      I'll shut up now. big papa

    2. Backdoor


      In my situation, my records reflect the correct days on TDY, but not the correct countries, they say I was in Japan training at an AFB--when I was attached to general's staff (I was an MP) and bopped around SE Asia going from base to base (1974). I have no medical issues so, nothing to pursue.


      Glad your path led you to a good destination.

    3. bigpapa


      Thank you sir for your kind words... they do accept "buddy letters" if you can find two people you served with that will verify you were wherever, whenever. bp

  8. Hello everyone, been a while eh? I've been struggling with my health and PTSD and the struggle is real.

    I deleted my Facebook account and doubt i'll be going back to the drama no freedom of speech website.

    i'll be hanging my hat here. I'm hoping cannabis will be rec soon in Ohio and i will again have the right to grow my own medicine. I do hate it here in Ohio, it gets bone chilling cold here. I miss WA something fierce.

    Since we've been kidnapped by the grandkids we bought our last home next to a very large mud puddle named Grand Lake St Marys. Our neighbors are really good people and we help each other if anyone needs it.

    I've had 6 surgeries on my spine alone and I found records from one of my er visits that showed bone lesions and no one said anything to me. They were found to be non cancerous and the Ortho surgeon said he could do surgery on several issues... Torn tendons that need reattached too.

    I need additional surgery on my cervical spine.

    I have to live with chronic pain issues that incapacitate a normal person. Not even doctors can grasp this kind of pain. I use no opiates and cannabis is not cheap here.

    I am also 100% military disabled, I put in for it and my VSO's would tell me i wasn't there to telling me the shootings never happened. It took a VFW attorney and a federal judge to open NIS & CID records to prove where i was and what i was doing.

    That's my update, I'll shut up now



      hey, @bigpapa, Long time no see. 


      It's good to hear your still kicking, have you gotten any new cravings for us to look at? 


      Everyone is still here, 


      Standing by,



    2. bigpapa


      Yes sir, I've lost a lot of use of my left arm but I do a little at a time.

      I'll look through my pics. I have spoons to tabletops but I may have to get them off my old phone. I think I have most on here... i'll shut up now








    3. bigpapa


      I asked several VSO office museum within VA hospitals if they would display the deer rack with the Ceremonial staff and atlatl in honor of all who served but none gave me an answer. To me it depicts the very first wars of this nation where many Native Americans were slaughtered and their land became for sale... the day the white man stole Indian land. I was going to do a raised carving in a piece of live edge walnut that said... In memory of Donald Larry Walters (my pastor who passed in a nursing home @ 84) and to all who served.

      Larry was the only pastor/man i ever met that actually walked in the fruit of the spirit. i'll shut up now

  9. So here's the deal, we are moving and I no longer need these grow lights and ballasts for my plant experiments. They are listed on Craigslist but....we know how that can go. Lot's of nothing. For those on this forum you may take another 50% off Craigslist prices. Then come Thursday morning, what didn't sell will be offered "free" to those on this forum, then on Friday, it will offered "free" on Craigslist. Anything left Monday morning goes to 800 GOT JUNK. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/grd/d/hillsboro-50-price-drop-used-grow-light/7395402773.html https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/grd/d/hillsboro-50-price-drop-used-grow-light/7395402943.html Also I have this Vinotemp wine storage (600 bottles) with a dead cooling unit. It's heavy (450 lbs) and could be repurposed as an insulated storage cabinet or stealth grow. The rubber gaskets on the doors ought to be air tight"ish" and should keep any odor in check. It has served me very, very, very well. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/app/d/hillsboro-50-price-drop-used-vinotemp/7395549088.html Just PM me and we'll work things out.
  10. Welcome, 


    Let me help you get started, You can write me by hovering over my name and choosing 'send message' or start a new topic. :)


    We look forward to talking soon. 



  11. Welcome, 


    Let me help you get started, You can write me by hovering over my name and choosing 'send message' or start a new topic. :)


    We look forward to talking soon. 



  12. Join us here. Fenner_s Complete Formulary(1).pdf

    RIP Bacon 2/2018 - 9/1/2021

    Aww. Purple, I am so sad for you, I would think it might be because of all the smoke we've had? so saddened by your loss, May Bacon fly with the eagles. ♥♥
  14. Purple Power

    RIP Bacon 2/2018 - 9/1/2021

    RIP Bacon 2/2018 - 9/1/2021 Bacon is front right I'm not sure what is going on for my flock between the heat wave, thick choking smoke, or what is knocking my hens down. I checked them often practically daily. When I'm out watering the garden every morning, I watch them and if anything is off, I check them on the spot. This spring after getting the chick, I had 30. Now 6 are roosters and at least 5 have or will go to freezer camp. 2 roosters have gone to the dinner table already. I'm down to 24 chickens now. Bacon was perfectly healthy 4 days ago then she started to act a little odd. She stopped hanging out with her friends, not in her normal spot at night, the roosters lost interest in her, hen below her picking on her, and she stayed by herself. I separated her, but was still waiting for the medicated I needed that was 2 weeks overdue. Yes, I ordered and should of received it last month. It finally came yesterday, but sadly too late. Bacon died around 1 pm this afternoon. Bacon is buried by Sweet exactly 1 month apart. Bacon is bottom left, black body, brown face
  15. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    Apologize for the lack of updates, been busy, lol
  16. https://deltaalternatives.com/product/secret/
  17. Hi ya'll, a follow up to my article on producing ethanol from scratch, demonstrating the easy way to 95% 190 proof purity. https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/15-diy-equipment/15-8-ethanol-fractionating-still/15-8-1-refluxing-columns-for-producing-190-proof-ethanol


    Thanks, Mimi
  19. Thanks for the share GW.
  20. Best place for raw plant material, often at $65 a pound for 10-20% CBD.
  21. Hee, hee, hee, nom, nom, nom............ https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/18-0-the-vacuum-cooking-and-aluminum-bead-sous-vide-test-sled/18-3-produce-food-concentrates-extracting-and-boiling-at-low-temperatures-under-vacuum/18-3-1-test-13-f-extracting-wild-blackberry-concentrates-from-spent-pulp
  22. Purple Power

    RIP Sweet 2/2014 -8/1/2021

    Sweet has died, 2/2014 to 8/1/21. rest in peace Sweet. The last thing I said to her was it's ok to go, your wings will let you fly. Yesterday morning I knew when I saw her I'd be saying good bye to my 7 year old hen Sweet soon. She was one of my oldest hens in the flock. She was buff orpington, show type. there are 2 kinds, Sour is the other. A few months ago, I notice Sweet was having memory problems, remembering who were flock members including her best friend, go in the coop at night to her spot. I'd find her sitting on the floor. She was the 2nd top hen in my flock this year, but was the top hen for a few years before. She doesn't run as fast, but I figure that's due to her age. Yesterday morning, Sweet was still in the coop just laying there. Her best friend Sour (7 years old also) was chatting away. I picked her up and she didn't throw a fit like normal. Sweet seemed weak, listless, and her comb has a purple tint that's getting worse. Sweet also has diarrhea that started during her last night while in the coop. Since Sweet died, my other 7 year old hen, Sour, is very depressed. They were raised together and never have been separated before. They'd wait in or by the coop while the other was doing their egg duties. If one got in a fight, the other would join in to help. They watched their flock and corrected any bulling fighting, etc, watch and call out warnings for predators. They were pretty much attached at the hip. They were bonded, hints their names reflected this. With other bonded pets I've had when one dies the other has willed themselves to death in a few months. Not every time, but the surviving one does take a health blow that takes months or a year to get them to recover. My 10 year old cat, Nut Nibbler, is still on medication years later for her loss of her beloved Moose. I had to take Sour out of the coop this morning. She was in her spot in the rafters just standing there quietly. A couple hens were near talking to her, but Sour looked so sad. She's normally the first one out as she is the top hen. I took her out of the coop and put her in front of some water and she did drink and eat the treats I gave her. She did talk a little when I gave her some pets. I've been spending more time with her. I know she is grieving. Yesterday before Sweet died, Sour was guarding her from all flock members even though they weren't picking on her. Sour did move a little when I'd check on Sweet, but stayed close. Sorry Sour, there isn't anything I can do for her except to end life. Sour talked to Sweet until the end. It must of been breaking her heart to watch her best friend in the world die in front of her. Sour demanded to be near when Sweet's grave was being dug and has barely left it all morning. Sour is standing on Sweet's grave now with her head bowed down. I swear it's like a rain cloud is over her. When my other hens are near her, they act depressed. it takes a little time for them to recover after leaving Sour.
  23. Here's a Graywolf's Lair link to Erich Berkovitz's short path distillation article: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/10-the-alchemist-resource/10-8-short-path/10-8-1-introduction-to-short-path-distillation-by-erich-berkovitz
  24. Happy Birthday!

  25. tumbleweed

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    LoL, add a week They were flipped to 12/12 - 2 days ago

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    How is the grow going this year? Did the heat kill anything? What kind of bulbs did you end up buying?

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