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    Ohio has a medical cannabis (OMMP) website. Our dispensaries are supposed to be open in December. But it will take a while longer to find the doctors who will want to participate. Ohio has been behind the times for many years as being a conservative state. Web address for Ohio medical cannabis program. https://medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/physicians i'll shut up now, big papa
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  6. Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    It's been a busy day at the pet store, I used a few of the coupons. One for a buck off on name tag (she has a pink bone with her name now) , a buy one treat and get one free ( cow hoof seems to be a hit with both dogs), $2 off a new food bowl (Chloe likes to lay down when she eats, so got her one with low edges and wide plus rubber on bottom so it doesn't slide.) set up a free dog exam and consultation in 2 weeks (I bring the coupon for the visit to be free, I have many questions like best food since she has mild hip dyspepsia, how much to feed her, how much weight should she gain a week, how much exercise and how hard can it be (she loves playing with Copper), the supplements I got her are they just good or really good for her, just a few questions on the top of my head) and did the paperwork for a free 1/2 hour with private dog trainer (should get a call today to set it up this week). There is a coupon for a free bag of dog food, but figured I'll wait until after the vet visit. I may want to ask about her bad gas. The pound mixes donated dog food and feeds the dogs, so needless to say I can't do that plus it's most likely poor quality food. I need to make sure her bad gas is from the sudden shift in food and not a medical problem. BTW, how long does it take for dog's digestive tract get used to new food? Chloe farts then either paws her nose or gets up and moves. Unfortunately for me, she likes to lay near me so getting gassed often. Even my cat Moose has given up lap time for now. Chloe's canine DNA test came today. Its for what breeds are in her and multi-drug Sensitivity. She just took it and did very well, nice and calm. I think I'm starting to see some trust in those beautiful eyes. I'll be sending it tomorrow. I'm starting to create train her with Coppers. She goes in at night, so my cats can freely roam the house. Nibbler is still a bit shy, but has started to come out and look while Chloe sleep and runs off from the slightest movement. Also when I leave the house, I try to keep those short. Once I have an idea of how big she'll get, then I'll get her own create and bed. My current estimate is based off of what the pound said. At 6 months, she's 55lbs double it to get adult weight comes to 110lbs. She fits in Copper's beds (he has 3) as long as she doesn't stretch out. She starts in a ball and as she sleeps slow stretches out.
  7. Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    Today, I took Copper and Chloe to my dad's place out in the country. I'm trying to teach Chloe that not all car rides are bad. Yesterday, I just took her to the pet store alone. My dad has 2 really stupid sheep, 2 jack-asses, and a steer. There are 3 stray cats have claimed this area too, 2 have been around for years and fairly tame, the 3rd showed up last month. All I can say it's a black long hair cat that runs off when it sees you. Chloe is getting better getting in and out of my SUV with a little help. Like normal Copper was excitedly wining on the way there. He's figured out if I go 1 way it's the vet, if I go the other way, its the pet store or farm. Chloe is already showing signs of being protective of me and she doesn't like men in general. So far the only really aggressive growls and barks have been towards men. With women she all kisses and enjoying pets and treats. This is something that I'll be addressing. I gave my dad some of her treats to get her to stop growling and barking at him on the 2nd attempt to meet. She stopped growling and barking, slowly walked up to my dad and smelled him, gave a few licks then dad gave her a treat and a pet. Chloe might be just 6 months, but she has a loud booming bark, and I wouldn't mess with a dog with her growl. I'm glad she doesn't usually pull on the leash when she does that. I'd be guessing this is the Great Pyrenees since from what I've read they are extremely protective of their pack to the point of giving their life. Our pack is me, Copper, 2 cats and 18 hens....I don't think she noticed the fish, but that wouldn't matter. She would protect everything I have. She'll be meeting my son in a week. I'm hoping it goes well. Chloe did give a soft barks at my step mom and stopped once dad left. After Chloe came up to my step mom smelled her hand and licked it. I walked them for a bit to go potty before going in the house. I normally leave the leash on them in dad's house, so when he opens the door I can grab the dogs. Well Chloe found when she picked up Copper's leash and pulls a little, he follows her lead. Like when I got Copper, my step mom is hoping my dad would get a dog. If they do, I recommend rescues. Chloe is my 4th dog, out of the 4 dogs I've have or had 3 came from the pound. The dog before Copper came from a friend. I happened to be visiting when their puppies (Alaskan malamute, Alaskan Husky, Australian Shepherd mix) were ready to find new homes. At first I said no, but would look at them. I picked each one up and let them smell me then set them down. Then walked about 5 feet away and waited. 2 puppies started walking towards me, a pup that I was interested in and my dog. The puppy I was hoping for walked about half way then turned around and went back to mom. My dog walked over to me, smelled my shoe then peed on it. I looked up to my friend and said I guess I've been claimed, I'll take him. He became the first guardian to my hen flock, Sweet & Sour are from that flock. I gave him 17 years of love. He dug a hole and half buried himself two nights before my birthday where he died. Sweet and Sour were trying to wake him up and were depressed for months. My 1st dog was on the short list at the pound. If she wasn't adopted that day, they'd put her down. She was 5 years then and died at 25. After a bit once my dogs were calm, we (step mom and me) took them out to explore and mark the farm. The donkeys and steer (with hay in his mouth) came out to the gates. Copper is always excited with the donkeys...more so with the sounds they make. He keeps a healthy distance, yet wants to sniff them. One time, he tried to pee on one and was almost bit. He would of been, if I didn't jerk his leash. Chloe looked at the donkeys and sniffed the air. She didn't charge, bark, or do anything to chase or bite them. She seemed to know to not approach them. Then we went over to the steer. When the steer got closer to sniff the dogs, Copper took a quick sniff then left. I guess seeing how huge the steer's nose was and not afraid scared him off. He was as far over away from the steer as the leash allowed. Copper quite literally crapped himself. Chloe wasn't afraid. Her eyes were fearless. The steer and her smelled noses for a while. The steer backed off after she licked his nose. She seems very conformable with large farm animals. Once the steer went back to the barn for more hay, we walked the dogs around to sniff around and mark territory. Copper was smelling some bushes when I noticed his nose was pressing on one of the cat's chest. The long hair calico cat I call Hissy. Surprisingly, she didn't attack him. Just backed off looking rather annoyed. Copper found a vertebrata in another bush and didn't share it with Chloe. After he was done, we took them in to get some water. We chatted for awhile while the dog played or Chloe lead Copper around. After I got my dogs home and a potty break ( a bit of excitement there), they both took a nap. Chloe paws were moving quite a bit as well as sniffing. Sometimes I wonder what do my pets dream of. Copper doesn't have a trace of hound in him (had him DNA tested), but he does sing when other dogs bark at him. Just doesn't sound like a hound. The neighbor's across the street are bad dog owners, no training, allow it to bark the entire time its outdoors. When it escapes, it runs around not coming to its name. It kinda taunts them by running towards them, but when its almost close enough to grab, it darts off. They'll be laughing while trying to catch their dog. I've lost count on how many times its darted in front of a car and almost got hit. On a good day, they catch it in 1 1/2 hours. On a bad day, 4-6 hours. When I got home, I took my dogs to the front yard to do there business (my hens were loose in the backyard and Chloe is still in training with them) when the neighbor dog was let out in its yard. Of coarse its barking like crazy at us and 2 people walking their 2 dogs down the middle of the street. So I'm dealing with a bouncing singing Copper on one leash and a growling load boom barking Chloe on the other. Chloe is 6 months old and 55lbs, I think she'll be around 110lbs when grown. I'll have a better idea once I get results for her DNA test that get here tomorrow for her to take, after that 2-3 weeks get the results. For that little barking dog across the streets sake, it better not even think of getting close to my fence lines when it prancing around the neighborhood. I think Chloe may of ID'd it as a rodent, threat to pack, or at least a trespasser. My front yard fence is 4ft tall chain link and the back yard is 6ft cedar (it's stained). These fences are under a year to 2 years old. I already picked up info for puppy school for her. The pound also gave a booklet full of couples, some things are discounts or things like doggie day camp 1 session, 1/2 hour of private trainer for free

    My new pup Chloe

    They make a very cute couple, I don't think Copper wants for anything now.
  9. Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    Copper and Chloe are becoming inseparable. Last night, they were cuddled up chewing on cow hoofs together, but they got up when I tried to take a picture. They play together all the time, in and outdoors. They have a game where one has a toy or chew item, like hoof, in their mouth where there's lots of bouncing, play bow, licking faces, pawing each other on head, body, and rear. I guess you could call play bites, growls, and barks. They do try to mouthing each other. She just humped Copper and he allowed it. When Chloe gets a little too rough, he gives a somewhat aggressive bark and Chloe stops 99% of the time. I think its his way of saying knock it off. They've had very few disagreements were I had to yell at them. They are in the backyard now playing tug a war or running around At night, Chloe sleeps in the create and Copper with major cat protests, sleeps by me in bed I haven't seen Copper this happy since he relied he found his forever home. Here's a few pics of their paws Copper's front paw Chloe's front paw Chloe's back paw
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    1. Purple Power

      Purple Power

      Both dogs stop chewing on the cow hoof and turned their head sideways. Copper went back to chewing his hoof after a bit, but Chloe looked confused until it was over. Could be a puppy thing and/or she's just met my flock of hens with a fence line between them.

  12. Beardo

    i miss WA

    Brother I feel your pain. Trust me.
  13. bigpapa

    i miss WA

    i miss growing so i can have adequate medicine at hand. And all grown with compost tea. Using a composter with the reservoir at the bottom.
  14. Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    They didn't know how she'll deal with cats or chickens, only dogs since she'd be in play groups

    My new pup Chloe

    I am so happy for you.

    My new pup Chloe

    @Purple Power ,Were, you told she was fine around Cats? She seems right at home.
  17. Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    I aspect pee accidents with puppies. Sometimes something is scary, or they just can't hold it anymore. I'll start teaching her how to let me know she needs to go out. She doesn't know how to enter or get out of a car, so I get how a car ride would be scary. I'll be working with her on that, first how to get in and out of a car. Once she gets the hang of it, then car ride to a fun place. Since she's going to be a big girl when grown, I think the back would be a great spot... plus have a huge floor mat there.

    i miss WA

    I miss seeing your grows.

    My new pup Chloe

    How thrilling a day for you and Copper. She looks like she is taking well to her new environment, The peeing is natural for her to mark, she'll grow out that fast as long as your right on her when she starts. Very exciting news for the farm. Im very happy for you.
  20. Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    Right now have a dog sleeping on either side of me. It's been an exciting day for both. I went to meet Chloe first on my own at the pound. . I let them know Copper's history with them. Chloe was shy but sweet after warming up (didn't take long). She was a stray and the pound thinks she's just 5 months old. She's almost the size of Copper and he's a full grown 3 year old. I put her on hold and went to get my dog. I let him sniff me to read Chloe, and his tail started wagging and his sniffing intensified. He started to give his happy excited wine and bolted where his leash is. Let's just say this was a excited car ride. I checked in for the meet and great then took Copper outside. While waiting, he marked every tree and bush ...and took the biggest poo I've even seen him do. Chloe came out, Copper stood at attention, wagging his tail and wining. We walked Chloe and Copper down to a fenced in area with a chain link between us a few times. Copper calmed down a little. We did the same thing in the fence area for awhile allowing them to get a sniff of each other hear and there. All going well so we let Chloe walk area with leash dragging on the ground. Then I dropped Coppers leash on the ground and we watched them. Copper found a few toys laying around, so they were put up. I found many Copper missed while checking out Chloe. The ran around together. some playful growls. The only not so friendly growls was when Copper was smelling her rear too long. I think she was saying, I'm not that kind of girl) She was spayed 2 days ago. When one stopped running the other would stop. We watched this go on for 30 minutes. I put Copper in the car while doing the paper work to adopt his new buddy. Chloe needed to be lifted in the car even though she was quiet on the trip to her new home, she did pee a little. I will work with her on car rides among other things. I have her vet visit set up, got her some puppy food, vita hip and joint support for hips and joint health. I'll be ordering her DNA test to confirm she is an Aust Shepherd X Great Pyrenees. When we got home, I got Chloe out of the car then Copper. I took them to the front yard for a bit then in the house. Moose was under the dining room table and stared not fluffy. Chloe is more interested in a quick sniff then move on. Locked the hens to the side yard before letting Chloe explore the backyard on leash at first. Later Copper wanted to play and run around with her. I did let her look at the hens and distracted her and saying no anytime she was staring too long. It'll take some time for the hens and Chloe to get used to get other. Copper has shared a few treats he has stashed away. Chloe has peed once in the house but stopped when told no...finished outdoors. She is picking up on some commands, mostly cause she sees Copper do them and both are told they are a good girl/boy. Nibbler has tried the fluffy badass and was chase not long Below is Moose walking slowly by a sleeping pup. He did smell her feet. Sometimes Copper will give a yelp when they play. Chloe is still learning how to have a soft mouth.
  21. bigpapa

    i miss WA

    what i used to grow... i niss it SO
  22. Well, I managed to land a spot at a company called Oregon Processing Solutions. I'll mainly be running co2 extractions, but it may also include some ethanol extractions and maybe even some terpene / cart work. It's really far from home, but I'm happy to have the opportunity. I just hope my car can keep up!



      Congrats. I hope this works out for you. 

    2. Beardo


      Thanks! Long drive to Estacada, I sure hope my car can hold up for a few paychecks!

  23. Josephine country is at it again Josephine County Divided on New Marijuana Ordinance Josephine County commissioners held a land-use public hearing today at the Josephine County fairground pavilion. A large crowd gathered to voice their opinions on new proposed marijuana ordinances. Posted: Nov. 7, 2018 5:26 PM Updated: Nov. 7, 2018 5:37 PM Posted By: Mike Duffy AddThis Sharing Buttons GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- Josephine County commissioners held a land-use public hearing today at the Josephine County fairground pavilion. A large crowd gathered to voice their opinions on new proposed marijuana ordinances. One would amend the Josephine County Rural Land Development Code. It would bar new commercial marijuana operations in rural residential zones. It would also call for marijuana operations to be set back 150 feet. Man Josephine County residents spoke passionately about the new ordinance. Charlyn Witcher owns a small family farm out in Kirby. She inherited the land from her parents and she's seen it completely change because of marijuana grows. Charyln says rural residential areas need to be saved..... https://www.kdrv.com/content/news/Josephine-County-Divided-on-New-Marijuana-Ordinance-499992541.html
  24. BREAKING: Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions Bruce Barcott November 7, 2018 hbk6htsl.bmp In a startling move, President Trump this morning fired US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions, who has been under intense criticism from the President ever since he recused himself from the Russia investigation, submitted his letter of resignation one day after the midterm elections moved the House of Representatives under Democratic control. Technically, Sessions resigned by submitting a letter to the President. It was clear, however, that the move was forced by Trump. “Dear Mr. President, at your request I am submitting my resignation,” Sessions wrote in his letter. Sessions will be immediately replaced by Matthew G. Whittaker, previously Sessions’ chief of staff at the Justice Department. Whittaker will be the Acting AG until the President appoints a permanent replacement, who will need to be approved by the Senate..... https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/breaking-trump-fires-attorney-general-jeff-sessions
  25. Shares of Tilray light up after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/208772/shares-of-tilray-light-up-after-us-attorney-general-jeff-sessions-resigns-208772.html
  26. BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Resigns as Attorney General President Trump requested that Jeff Sessions hand in his letter of resignation. And Sessions just complied. November 7, 2018 Nick Lindsey Attorney general Jeff Sessions has just submitted his official resignation, according to early reports from Washington. The resignation comes in response to a request from President Donald Trump, who allegedly made clear that he was going to fire Sessions. Sessions is Out According to CNN, Sessions formally submitted his resignation today to White House chief of staff John Kelly. But from the sounds of things, Sessions didn’t do reach this decision all on his own. In fact, CNN reported that Trump “fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions.” This seems to be supported in Sessions’ letter, which reads in part: “At your request I am submitting my resignation.” Sessions’ sudden departure means that there will need to be some shuffling around in the Department of Justice. And at this point, it appears that Sessions’ former chief of staff, Matthew G. Whitaker, will take over as acting attorney general...... https://hightimes.com/news/breaking-jeff-sessions-resigns-as-attorney-general/
  27. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns Amid Pressure From Trump By Renae Reints 4:01 PM EST Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned Wednesday, after enduring more than a year of harsh criticism from President Donald Trump. While the former Alabama senator was the first to endorse Trump on the 2016 campaign trail, the president quickly turned on Sessions after taking office. Trump viewed Sessions’ choice to recuse himself from the special counsel’s investigation of Russian interference in the election as an act of disloyalty, and apparently never forgave him. In a September interview, Trump said, “I don’t have an attorney general.“ Now, just a day after Democrats regained the House majority, Sessions has stepped down. In his resignation letter, Sessions recounted his office’s success with restoring immigration enforcement and targeting the opioid epidemic, but does not comment on the Russia investigation...... http://fortune.com/2018/11/07/sessions-resigns-whitaker-attorney-general/?xid=gn_editorspicks
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    • Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
      Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
    • Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
      Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
    • Flushing! 
      So here's a topic that's somewhat foreign to people now alot of people think about flushing typically from a synthetic nutrient sense. When you have salt build up you flush the salts from the nutrients out of the growing medium to prevent nutrient lock out issues! Typically this consists of flushing large amounts of water through your containers allowing sufficient run off. While doing this you are leaving out the salt, now while this is a practice that should absolutely be implemented in any bottled nutrient growing regimen this is not necessary in a living organic soil environment.
      The reason Flushing is not Necessary in Living organic soil is because there is no salt build up from bottled nutrients. When you're doing living organic soil your roots are communicating with microorganisms in the soil and fungi to sequester water and nutrients for the plant. The microorganisms respond to the communication from the root exudates and deliver the food the plant needs in a plant available form after it has been processed by the microorganisms. The fungi also help with transportation of nutrients and water for the plant roots to help with overall plant health. 
      When everything is in balance you will have a beautiful soil food web with all kinds of life including soil predators, worms, fungi, and depending on where you live you could have a variety of different soil life. This balance of life and death within the soil and decomposition layer will provide your plants with everything they need! 
      The plant also signals when it is nearing the end of its life and even without flushing the plants will naturally fade out by themselves because of that communication between the roots and microorganisms in the soil. Also if you did flush your plants you would be washing away some of the microorganisms your trying to help thrive and survive, usually you want as minimal runoff as possible when watering living organic soil containers. 
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      Here's the other Oregon Pines phenos this one is Oregon Afgani dominant which is great I got a Pakistani expression and a afgani expression which was exactly what I was hoping for from this line! This pheno shows off the more Afgani type bud structure and smells. These were found out of only 5 seeds with 100% germination rates and now we're just about to the end of the road and harvest is super close now!
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      Here are a few updates for ya guys this is the Jurassic pheno of Oregon pines she's coming down next Sunday! 
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