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    DIY Vacuum Purging Chamber


    Join us free on site and ask questions.     Source: DIY Vacuum Purging Chamber

    From: How To Make Your Own Apothecary


    See our update below by Balance Me Beautiful   10 Great Starter Herbs and Their Properties You can find these herbs online or in stores that have large bulk herb selections. If you have herbs growing in your garden, you can use them fresh instead of dried, but you'll want to double the amount since dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh ones.     If you're planning to use herbs medicinally, do your research! We're not doctors, and this isn't medical advice.         Lavender — has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, thought to work as an insect repellent, can aid with headaches, sleep and relaxation Peppermint — is a digestive aid, thought to aid in fever reduction Spearmint — aids in digestion, reduces bloating, contains high amounts of antioxidant, invigorating Milk Thistle — thought to promote liver and gallbladder function, reported to detoxify and lower cholesterol Elderberries — has shown great success in treatment of influenza Fennel — long used as an aid to digestion and bloating, thought to have diuretic properties, improve milk supply in breastfeeding mothers, repel fleas; long used in India to soothe coughs Rosemary — used to improve memory, circulation, and act as an anti-carcinogen Chamomile — used as an aid for digestion, colds, and sleep Nettle — high in protein, iron, and vitamins Ginger — Proven to be useful for nausea, diarrhea, and arthritis, thought to aid in digestion more     10 Great Starter Essential Oils Most essential oils aren't cheap, but a little goes a long way. You can find them in health and hippie stores the world over, or online. I bought a starter set from Amazon years ago. [Here are some options - Cat]   Grapefruit — used as an energizer, thought to brighten dull skin and hair, dilute toxic build up, and resolve water retention Lemon — antibacterial, an astringent, thought to detoxify, energize and brighten dull skin Orange — antibacterial; thought to act as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic, aphrodisiac, boost immunity and detoxify Clary Sage — thought to be useful as a mild antidepressant, astringent, aphrodisiac, sedative, and digestive aid Rosemary — antibacterial, thought to stimulate hair growth and mental activity, be useful with respiratory problems and reduce pain Lavender — has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, used to calm anxiety, promote circulation and good respiration Peppermint — helps with indigestion and nausea, thought to aid with respiratory problems and headaches Spearmint — antiseptic, repels insects, thought to act as a restorative and a stimulant Eucalyptus — antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, a decongestant and a stimulant Tea Tree — antibacterial/microbial/viral, an insecticide and stimulant, thought to help with healing wounds, pain relief, and detoxification Health Benefits of Mint Leaves. http://www.balancemebeautiful.com/health-benefits-mint-leaves/   Source: How to make your own apothecary

What is Kief?

Kief is a term for the powdery, trichome-packed "crystals" that can fall off your cannabis buds during drying, clipping or handling. If you're not careful, you can easily lose them – but if you ARE careful, you can collect these precious golden crystals and use them for various exciting projects! So What Exactly is Kief? The word “kief” (sometimes written as “kif”) comes from the Arabic language, and means “pleasure, intoxication”. In most of the traditional hashish-producing countries of the world, the word refers to the golden, powdery trichomes that are collected from the cannabis plant, which are then filtered through a screen and pressed to create hashish.   If you’ve got a grinder that contains a screen and a chamber underneath, then what you’re collecting inside that chamber is kief. And depending on the quality of the cannabis you’ve been rolling with lately, the crystals could be very, very potent indeed! Check out our guide to the Top 10 Grinders for under $15 you can get on Amazon to see several options for trichome-collecting grinders.   Basically, kief is concentrated trichomes, and contains large amounts of THC and other cannabinoids, without the leaf matter and fiber that is contained within cannabis flowers. If it’s good-quality, your kif should have a fragrance reminiscent of the weed that it came from, and should become sticky as soon as you press a piece between your fingers. What Can You Do With Your Kief? If you aren’t too interested in getting your hands dirty, you can just sprinkle a little of it you have collected into a joint, or if you have a vaporizer capable of handling hashish then you can just pop some into the chamber.   But if you don’t mind getting tricky with the ol’ sticky-icky-icky, then read on, because there’s plenty of things you can do with you kief to make it even more powerful!   First off, you can simply put some in the palm of your hand and use the thumb of your other hand to press down on it. The heat and the pressure from your hand should make it stick together and form Moroccan-style hash pretty quickly!   Or you can use your kief as the basis for making some top-shelf ice-o-lator. This might be advisable when you have a large quantity – if you’ve just got the contents of your grinder, that may not be enough to run a decent amount of ice-o-lator! But if you’ve got say, 50 grams or so, then it may start to become worth it! From normal (good quality) weed, the usual return on ice-o-lator is only about 10%, but you could bump that up much higher if you use kief – in fact, you could get as much as 50% return!   Another great way you can use your kief is by turning it into rosin! Rosin is another low yielder when you make it from regular cannabis flowers – average return seems to be something like 7.5%, compared with up to 20% (or even more, in some cases) from BHO. But if you make rosin with it, then your return dramatically increases, and you can expect to get something like 40-45% back of your original weight.   So there you have it. That’s kief, and that’s what you can do with it. Let us know in the comments if you have made ice-o-lator or rosin from your kief, or if you have any other ideas or tips of what to do with it!




Post 1 / new clones week 1

Well, this has been one of the most fun and irritating hobbies I have ever fallen in love with! I am currently 17 days into flower and have dealt with what seems like every possible issue. My set up is so DIY, Mcgyver is drooling at home while reading this, or at least that's how I will describe it to peak your interest! ( here is a link to the DIY part of this http://freemygreenpdx.com/topic/12989-diy-grow-box-and-veg-box/).   Anyway, as I have said this is my first grow and after a lot of reasearch and then more research followed by inevitable frustration, misinformation, failures and successes- I figured I would share mainly what worked for me and call it a success!   It is a little late right now and I am getting sleepy so I hope you join me as I get you caught up to date in my process, my problems and my solutions! Please chime in with any tid bits, criticism or advice you may have as myself and every other rookie out there will appreciate it.   Here are pictures of clones day 1. Pictured back left to right, then front left to right. Xj13, northern lights #5 (died from damping off, replaced by a Chernobyl clone later) Cinderella 99 and sour diesel x lambs breath. The second picture is after a little LST. Stay tuned.   Cheers.




Oregon Summer Greenhouse Grow

Oregon Summer Greenhouse Grow Growing cannabis outdoors is something a lot of growers either wish for or can’t wait year after year to let the sun to bathe over their babies. This year will be my first “outdoor” grow although technically I am in a greenhouse that I had constructed so I will reward myself by calling it an outdoor grow. Looking around on social media I have seen some amazing outdoor garden’s from 5 gallon patios to 200 gallon monsters. It’s now early June and most outdoor growers have had their plants out for about a month now but I went a little different Being my first outdoor season and knowing the unpredictability of the Oregon weather I chose to go with a PVC hoop house to protect against any unforeseen storms. During the second week of May there was three days of rain and I was grateful for my planning. I transplanted my 2 ft high PineSol, Pineapple Chunk x lemon haze in a 50 gallon fabric pot I handmade. I used Down to Earth Pro Mix Soil for my vegging along with Down to Earth Bio-Live fertilizer mix. I got put on to Down to Earth product by my friend Dave at Everwood Farm in Brooks, OR. My plant was healthy right from the seed and I had topped my plant a few times and super cropped her. Along with the Down to Earth products I feed her compost tea and Epson salt along with kelp . With the PinSol transplanted I wanted to test out how a young seedling would do vegging outside in the greenhouse so I chose a mystery Indica I had gotten from my friends at Blackbird Indica Dispensary in Independence,OR. The seedling was suffering from over heating so I 10 gallon pots ready for some single colas.Mystery Indica I gave the plants a good soak with straight out of the hose water. I was worried about any bugs or larvae in the outdoor dirt so I was hoping the chlorine would help clean the soil a little. A few days later both PineSol and Mystery Indica were reaching and having some new growth. The bottom leaves felt the effect of the chlorinated water with yellow and drying leaves. After removing a half dozen leaves their were looking alright and recovering fast. A big mistake I made was super cropping days after transplant. The branch on the east side never fully reached up like I hope. The tops are pointing up but the branch is still leaning. I will be putting cages in this week to help it with the weight and rapid growth. Two weeks after test plants went out I wanted to add another plant to the mix so I transplant a 2 ft AK-48 into a 50 gallon fabric pot. This time I had 2 gallons ph water and a gallon of light compost tea. It’s been about a week and we have two new nodes on the AK. PineSol is on it’s 3rd new nodes and the bent branch has new tops coming from lower stem. My greenhouse is an open end and loose bottom hoop house to help with heat and ventilation . The 6 mil poly is not transparent and blocks about 30% of the light but I plan on going convertible later on in the summer. The heat gets up to 80’s and humidity around 60% but I think that’s ok especially by looking at the new growth. Plus the fabric pot will keep the soil temp low. I’m not planning on filling up the greenhouse right away. I am starting a total of six strains from seed so I have a lot of decisions to make. I have my plants about a month behind each other to spread out harvest and these later plants will be single colas and veg much faster. So far I have PineSol, AK-48, Blue Mountain, Big Skunk, Lamb Breath. and Mystery. The Mystery and Big Skunk seeds were normal so sex to be determined. I will be making updates later in the summer and maybe visit some other ommp grow sites and see how their outdoor grows are going. Please subscribe to my Youtube, Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and get some grow tips on Pinterest.




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    • Hash from local rec dispensary in Washington county
      Hi all so I went to the dispensary last night and purchased some hash.....I had been looking for some but I cannot vouch for this stuff yet.  Two pictures are attached to show what it looks like and to show that I can be a real, grown-up scientist too!
      For the amount shown I paid twenty dollars which included a 10% veteran's discount.
      I will send more data from planet Nebulon 5 after I have tried it.
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    • Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
      sugar trim results...
    • CTS and ommp plant limits
      CTS and ommp plant limits
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    • RAW Mini Tray with Lid Bundle Giveaway @ShopRPD
      Rolling Paper Depot & OMMP Pay it Forward are Proud to announce our Spring Giveaway. 
      Pick a number between 2 -710
      The closest to the number (Without going over.) WINS.
      Contest ends Saturday, June 1st between 7 and 7:30 PM
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      RAW Mini Tray with Lid Bundle

      Brands: Raw SKU: RAWMINIWITHLIDBUNDLE     Get Rolling with this groovy bundle from our friends at RAW. Included in this bundle is one of RAW's awesome mini rolling trays with a magnetic lid, so now your rolling tray doubles as storage! Because of the fully magnetic back, the lid creates a tight seal all the way around the metal tray, so no loose crumbs or smells sneak out. We also included three packs of RAW's unbleached, unrefined, hemp rolling papers and tips. With RAW you know your getting top quality papers and rolling accessories, so don't wait on this stellar bundle!

      Bundle includes:
      RAW Mini Tray
      RAW Mini Tray Cover
      RAW Mini Clipper Lighter
      RAW 79mm Roller
      RAW Tips
      RAW Classic 1 1/4 x3
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    • Hello I may be posting this question in the improper forum but I was curious to know what evidence there may be for treating dogs with CBD/THC for issues like anxiety.  My wife and I have a rescue dog (Daisy) and she has horrible anxiety when we: 1) Leave her at home alone and 2) Take her with us in an automobile.  When we first moved to Oregon, we would put her in a kennel cage when we would leave, and she did real well (would not howl or shake).  After some time we would let her roam the apartment whenever we left, and she did well at first but as time has moved on she has begun to cry when we leave and we are thinking of kenneling her again.  I am taking her to the veterinarian today and I was surely going to ask the vet if Daisy is a candidate for CBD/THC treatment for anxiety.  I am sure that there are formulas for dogs with seizures/convulsions, but I was curious if anyone here has any recommendations for our sweet Daisy.
      This animal is so very sweet, that it is like my wife and I have been given the Holy Grail for safekeeping, she is THAT PRECIOUS!!
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