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    • Hello everyone I am building a tent it's going to be 4 x 8 by 7 feet tall from various Lumber, Panda plastic, pond liner for the floor, and a couple light tight zippers, the intake is going to be passive and I have an air purifier as the exhaust, not sure on the cfm but I can add my 6 inch inline fan and speed control if I need too but I hope it's up to the task.
      For the lights I plan to veg under the same two led panels the Mars Hydro 300, and the Illuminator jumbo ufo, then add a 400 hps for flower.
      I'm undecided on my medium right now I recently heard of, certified pharmacutical grade nutes.
      I have Bubba Kush, and Eugene OG Kush, I lost my clone of my Blackberry Kush when I brought it inside this fall but I hope to get a cut of her back.
      And a few others will be in there too, green onions, Italian sage, lavender, avocado my daughter and I planted together this last summer, pineapple, and a winter bloom cactus my mother in law gave us, and hopefully, cilantro, maybe rosemary to.
      I have some ideas I want to try out, and do more root bonsai.
      I'll keep you guys posted on my progress but working has slowed my home builds down.
      I can be forgetful so I'll say thanks in advance.
      Here's the build so far I'll get pics of the plants when they are in the tent this week
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      From Home-Grown Cannabis Academy




      Links no longer work


      Curing Factors

      Curing Methods




      So you’ve finally harvested your plant. You think the process to make your own top quality Cannabis has finished. Well… think again. We’re here to inform you that you are just about half way there. After you have correctly harvested and dried your crop, the real work begins to obtain the highest quality of your harvest: the curing process.


      The most important post-production step is the curing process. If you’ve never heard of ‘curing’, you are not alone. Maybe you know the process under another name: ripening. Just like a ‘Chateau’ leaves its wines to ripen in barrels or a Scottish distillery ages its Whiskey, you’ll have to cure your harvest. The Cannabis inflorescences need time to reach their full potential.



      We cure Cannabis to obtain and preserve the best aroma and taste possible and to make sure the bitter tasting chlorophyll (green color) is broken down. This makes the Cannabis very smooth, tasty and ready for consumption through inhalation.


      As soon as the inflorescences are harvested, the curing process begins. For the first couple of weeks, the Cannabis inflorescences will be drying and curing simultaneously. When the harvest is almost fully dry, the relative humidity of the air surrounding the flowers has to be slowly brought down to a specific level. This will allow further curing without the risk of molds infecting the inflorescences during storage or your harvest becoming too dry. When an inflorescence is fully dried without being properly cured, the bitter chlorophyll is ‘locked’ inside the cells and cannot be broken down further. This will give the inflorescence a bitter taste that is very hard and near impossible to get rid of.

      The specific level of humidity is different for each strain but will generally be somewhere between 55 and 65%. Most strains are cured with a relative humidity of 62-65% to bring out the best aroma’s and retain the best structure of the inflorescence.


      There are many ways you can cure your harvest. Each strain has a specific method which will bring out the best aromas. Some strains are fairly easy to cure, but other strains can really lose their magic if you choose the wrong method or cure for too long. It is very important to remember that curing is a strain specific process and is dependent on the configuration and presence of the,....................




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    • parts of life cycle...
    • Sometimes you'll need to slow down a fan in a tent setting. This is a simple way to accomplish this
      You'll need
      A fan controller. (not to be confused with a light dimmer switch, ($12.00)
      A metal or plastic box to stick it all in. ($2.00)
      A couple of wire nuts, (should come with fan controller) (.50)
      A electrical outlet (about 2.00)
      A cover for the electrical box. ($2.00)
      A long piece of electrical wire with a plug in on one side
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    • Chickens & Cannabis Photos 
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    • heres a very cool video i found... i just tried it but with no mildew .. just to see if it effects the taste and effect... there drying now and ill post back results...but my bro has pm and hes gonna try it also and ill post his results...
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    • Cops seize 3,000 lbs. of pot grown for 5 medical patients, authorities say

      Updated 1:19 PM; Posted 12:23 AM

      By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

      The Oregonian/OregonLive

      Police seized nearly 3,000 pounds of marijuana from a Southeast Portland warehouse suspected of illegally processing hundreds of harvested pot plants, authorities said Tuesday.

      The Portland Police Bureau's Drugs and Vice Division began an investigation into the operation taking place on the 6000 block of Southeast 111th Avenue after receiving an anonymous tip, Sgt. Chris Burley, a bureau spokesman, said in a news release.

      Investigators on Friday found 16 people working in the large warehouse, which contained 500 mature marijuana plants weighing 2,998 pounds, the statement said.  

      According to police, documents provided by those associated with the operation showed the marijuana was being grown for five patients under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program — which would amount to about 100 plants and 600 pounds of cannabis for each patient.  

      Under Oregon's medical marijuana law, a grower is allowed to cultivate six mature plants for each patient.

      The individuals also claimed they were obtaining a license to sell recreational marijuana through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, though no license had been granted, police said.

      Police made no arrests but seized the entire marijuana haul inside the warehouse, Burley said. The case is being reviewed by the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office for prosecution. 

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    • Hi here is the simple process.

      Send me a photo with your phone or scanner of your current OHA/OMMP card.

      Send a photo of your Oregon State issued ID/Drivers license. (You can cross out the address).

      Send these copies to our secure server at proofs@freemygreenpdx.com

      Make sure I can read the numbers on your OHA/OMMP card

      Read a few more introductions while I put your numbers in your profile and you can post in those forums. (Private) If you just want to read you may read without posting.

      You will see your number under your profile avatar. Only you and the staff will see those numbers.



      Lastly, as soon as I get those photos in my email box I will make you private. I will then write you back and ask you to delete your copies and I will delete mine.

      That’s it. We can do this in a few min if you can upload those photos to me now.

      Thanks for asking.



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    • http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Skunk_Nr1/Sensi_Seeds/
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